K to 12 Insight: 7 Advice for Incoming Senior High Students

7 Advice for Incoming Senior High Students

7 Advice for Incoming Senior High Students

If you are one of those kids who were part of the first batch of K-12 students, we’re pretty sure you are aware how hard it was- from choosing your strand to overcoming your three research subjects. But, if you belong to ones who are about to enter senior high school, we understand how your mind is bombarded with a lot of questions right now. The good thing is, we won’t let you be all clueless about everything you need to know about senior high. Heads up!

7 Real Life Advice for Incoming K12 Students: Senior High Edition


1. Just like a first taste of college

Many of you have heard that senior high school is an additional two years in high school. But NO, in reality, it is like a first taste in college. The set-up is almost the same, we mean professors, examinations, work loads, and people. You have to quit the mindset that getting into senior high means staying on your comfort zone in high school and actually prep yourself for a whole new environment.

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2. Groupworks are everywhere

Just like in college, group works will never be out of the line. In fact, majority of your school works come from collaborative learning and interaction. For students who like to do things alone inside the academe, then this might be a little too difficult for you. It will be a great advantage if you practice interpersonal skills when socializing to a large group.


3. Become a team player

Since group works are at every corner of the school, it is a MUST that you learn how to collaborate with your classmates. Do not depend too much on your group leader. And if you are the one who will be leading the group, practice the art of dividing the labor among your members. You see, producing an impressive work in senior high school (and in college) requires you to become a team player rather than a one-man team.


4. Expand your circle

Having friends in school makes everything easier and a lot more fun. Yes, you get stressed out and extremely exhausted but you go through it altogether. You and your friends share the same sentiments and struggles most of the time which makes it somehow comforting. Plus, these are the people you will grow with, cry with, and take part in the celebration of your success.


5. Be on top of everything

Which means, do everything in advance. Study your readings in advance, plan your research in advance, set-up a group meeting earlier than expected, list down your goals for the semester ahead of time. By doing this, you get to have an overview of how you are going to spend your time wisely and make necessary changes just in case things do not work as planned.

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6. Use your time wisely

This is probably the classic advice your mother have given you. And yes, it still counts. College and senior high makes you always run out of time… if you don’t know how to manage it well. There is a time for relaxation and leisure as well as for writing your notes and reviewing your readings. To make it easier, make a timetable for all your activities even the simplest ones like taking your pup for a walk. Again, it gives an overview to everything.

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7. Everybody goes through it

Yes, you read it right. Surely there’s no easy way out of pulling yourself together inside the academe. But the bright side is, you’re not alone. You and your classmates altogether feel terrified about taking a major leap as big as entering senior high; and all of you are equally starting from scratch. Put in mind that nothing’s wrong about having a breakdown every once in a while; but don’t let it take a grip on your emotions to the point that it hinders your productivity in school. You’re doing as great as anybody else who chooses to try.

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So to all incoming senior high school students reading this, take the big leap and soar high! Start with the right back to school checklist for Senior High to College:

Senior HS to College

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