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International bestselling author Victoria Aveyard has a lot going on right now,  especially with the release of King’s Cage – the third book in the Red Queen series. We caught up with her and asked a few quick questions. Check out her answers below!

Can you describe King’s Cage in 3 words?

Bigger, darker, betrayal

Red Queen and Glass Sword both end in a cliffhanger. Does the third book pick up immediately from where ‘Glass Sword’ ended? What can we, the Reds, expect from King’s Cage?

As is becoming tradition, King’s Cage picks up right where Glass Sword leaves off. It’s always exciting to dive right back in, and this time around we can expect to see more of characters we didn’t see as much in Glass Sword, as well as two new point of views in addition to Mare’s.

Glass Sword introduced us to more characters and more powers. Are we meeting new characters and new powers in King’s Cage?

Yes! We get to meet new Silver characters at the Nortan court, as well as the court of the Lakelands, Piedmont, and some fun newbloods from Montfort. The world expands and so has the cast.

Did your screenwriting background help build a very cinematic scope into your books? How do you get into the right mindset while writing these powerful scenes?

It really helps me to choreograph set pieces. Usually I have to draw out the major battles so I know where everyone is and can best describe it to an audience without confusing anyones. I’m a visual writer, so that helps. Set pieces are my favorite to write and I always try to layer in as much action as I can.

Kiss, marry, or kill: Kilorn, Cal, Maven.

No spoilers! 😉

You visited the Philippines just last year to meet your fans. How was your first #VictoriaAveyardinPH? Do you have a message for your Filipino fans?

It was amazing! I was so humbled and overwhelmed by the great outpouring of love I experienced in the Philippines. It truly was a blessing to be able to visit. I will treasure the memory for the rest of my life, and I hope to be able to come back soon!

What’s the thing you miss the most about the Philippines?


Given the chance, will you come back for another book signing tour?

I would love to if my schedule allows!

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

Book 4 is my number one priority, so I’m focused on finishing the series. I’ve also got some possible projects in the mix that I can’t really talk about at the moment, but I hope they pan out!

Stay tuned for King’s Cage!

King’s Cage is coming real soon to National Book Store and Powerbooks Store. In the meantime, why not check out the excerpt here. You can also register here to be notified once stocks are already available.

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