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We caught up with bestselling author Adam Silvera following the release of his new book, History Is All You Left Me! We’ve previously done an author feature about him, but now he’s answered some of our hottest questions.


We’re pretty sure that your Filipino fans would love to get to know you better. Can you give us five random facts about yourself?

I love candy, I suck at quitting candy, I used to be able to make dolphin sounds, I’m an awful singer, my favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer.

You have worked with books for the longest time — as children’s bookseller, marketing assistant at a literary development company, book reviewer of children’s and YA novels, and now a bestselling author. What is it about books that you made them part of your life?

I’ve always been very imaginative and playing games of Pretend since I was a kid. I even wanted to be an actor at one point so I could inhabit other roles. Writing is far less stressful than auditioning!

What’s the most exciting thing about being a writer?

It feels amazing to create, and to answer lingering questions that I have no clue how to process in the real world. And then seeing how it either connects with a reader or open their eyes.

How does it feel that your debut novel — sensitive and brutally honest — has been widely and strongly accepted?

Really happy! It’s a tough book, but I know a lot of us out here are struggling. I never thought it would be hit home the way it did. I thought readers would spend a few days with the book and then be done with it. I didn’t expect it to live with them or inspire them to reread it over and over. A girl recently told me she read More Happy Than Not FOURTEEN TIMES. That’s almost as much as I’ve read it. Haha.

Can you tell us more about the Leteo memory alteration? Where did this come from?

I was always fascinated by conversations of nurture versus nature and where sexuality falls on the scale. So I approached the Leteo Institute as a futuristic conversion therapy, except one that you opt into.

You now have two published books and two upcoming books. Which of your books was the hardest to write? Which one was the easiest?

No book is easy. They’re all really hard. Though I think History Is All You Left Me took the most out of me because of its structure and where I was in my life, and I’m very proud of it today.

How will you describe ‘History is All You Left Me’ in three words?

Non-linear love story.

Was it intentional that the issues of depression and OCD were tackled as societal issues that need to be discussed openly, and not a taboo?

I don’t ever set out and say “Here’s my OCD book!” It just happens. I write about tough circumstances and coming to terms with your truths, and that’s just always part of the package.

HIAYLM is a tragic love story and the first person narrative added to its voice and rawness. What was your writing process like?

Difficult but easy. I don’t know. Griffin automatically started talking to Theo and I loved that way into the book and can’t remember consciously thinking about that. But now I can’t imagine the book without that piece.

What inspired you to tell the story of Griffin? Are there parts of the book that were based on your personal experience?

The break-up Griffin and Theo experience was pretty similar to a previous break-up of mine, as well as watching my ex fall in love with someone else. I had to write about what that felt like.

The characters in your two books have been through a lot at their age. What do you think are the much-needed qualities of the youth nowadays in facing their lives?

Readers need to see characters emerging through difficult trials so they can have hope in their own day to day struggles. I don’t write easy books and don’t intend to.

Have you interacted with your Filipino fans before?

Online, A LOT.

Will you consider visiting your Filipino fans anytime soon?

Absolutely! When the timing is right.

What’s your message to all your fans in the Philippines?

You’re all incredible and I’m so grateful for all the love you’ve shown me and my books, and I hope I continue to make you happy/break your hearts with more and more books!

Can you tell us something about your upcoming books?

Working on a fantasy for the first time! It’s very hard. It’ll happen in late 2019 or 2020 or 2030. We’ll see.

What’s next in the pipeline for you?


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History Is All You Left Me is available for P399 (paperback) and P799 (hardcover). You can learn more about it here or order it online here. You can also get More Happy Than Not for P395 (paperback).

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