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As National Book Store celebrates its 75th year, we’re going beyond our goal of nurturing your passions. This time, we’re going to inspire you with passion!

We’ve worked with 7 of the top design influencers in the country – from different industries like art and design, to fashion and lifestyle – to create limited edition items that reflect their personality, aesthetic, and style.

Let’s meet these amazing collaborators!

Amina Aranaz – Alunan is a fashion designer, co-founder of the School of Fashion and the Arts, and entrepreneur, managing the eponymous brand of handcrafted bags, ARANÁZ. Her line includes a folder set, desk organizers, and file holders, with a colorful pattern inspired by nature. Learn more about it here.

Cat Arambulo – Antonio is a lifestyle writer, fashion influencer, and creator of Catastrophe, a chic stationery brand. Her line includes gift tags, gift wrappers, and paper bags in a distinctive black-and-white color scheme, which reflects her personal style, and X and O patterns, which symbolize hugs and kisses. Learn more about it here.

Cecile Van Straten is the creator of the popular blog Her line includes the Avenida money envelope, clearly nostalgic pouches, and checkbook holders. These money-related items just might bring you some good feng shui in the new year! Learn more about it here.

Daphne Oseña – Paez is a TV host and personality, entrepreneur, author, and UNICEF Special Advocate for Children. Her line includes a journal set and pouches which are inspired by tropical life. Learn more about it here.

Patty Eustaquio is an artist known for her unique approach to sculptures and paintings. Her line includes a gift wrappermemo pad, and note card set imprinted with her illustrations of the gumamela or hibiscus flower. Learn more about it here.

Rajo Laurel is one of the country’s top fashion designers, and the recipient of several awards for fashion design and entrepreneurship. His line includes pens, a journal, and a tote bag, with an elegant design that evokes a special handmade feel. Learn more about it here.

Rissa Mananquil Trillo is a beauty columnist, model, and entrepreneur. She co-founded Happy Skin cosmetics, an original brand of skin-caring makeup. Her collection features a pyramid coin purse, triple zip flat pouch, and an origami organizer, all inspired by the clean, modern, and timeless qualities of Japanese origami. Learn more about it here.

Which of these collaborations have tickled your fancy? Share your thoughts with us – it’s @nbsalert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Use the hashtag #InspireWithPassion to share your excitement.

Stay tuned to the NBS Blog for more insights about these limited edition collaborations! Find them in selected branches today, shop online at, or call delivery hotline 8888-627.

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