Inktober Artist Feature: Jeca Martinez

Inktober Artist Feature: Jeca Martinez

Inktober Artist Feature Jeca Martinez National Book Store

When October rolls around, a lot of people immediately think of Halloween, horror movies, fall foliage, or even Christmas (well, at least in the Philippines)! But for artists on social media, October also means Inktober!

If you haven’t heard of it, Inktober is an annual art challenge created by illustrator Jake Parker in 2009 to encourage artists to make art using ink for each day of October. This is all in the spirit of fun, creativity, developing technique, and improving drawing habits, which is why so many creatives from all over the world eagerly jumped on board this challenge.

The rules are simple: just make an ink drawing, share it on social media with the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2017, and repeat for every day of October. As an animator I wanted to try something different for the art challenge, so I had the idea to not only draw with ink but to animate it as well.

Going into this project, I had a vague plan on how to go about it, a very, very tight budget, and only a few days to try things out before October began, so I gathered up the art supplies I had lying around, and went on a quick trip to National Bookstore to gather more materials.

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My weapons of choice were watercolor paper (some of which are the Berkeley water color pad), a hodge podge of paint brushes (Mont Marte, Berkeley, Pentel, Studio 5), a sky blue pencil (Faber-Castell), water droppers, plastic cups, and, the star of the show, stamp pad ink refills (Best Buy, Prince). Although ink refills only come in 5 colors, I chose to go with them instead of artist inks because they were more affordable, and I embraced the limited colors as an additional “rule” for this art challenge. It’s all about making the most of what I have!

This GIF below is one of my inspirations for my Inktober works. It’s so beautiful to watch how the ink spreads in the water to reveal the image, so I decided to adapt this technique to my Inktober works as well.

Inktober GIF Jeca Martinez
Image source:

Here are the Inktober works I have so far.

Inktober 1: Cat 


Inktober 2: Mouse


Inktober 3: Unicorn 


Inktober 4: Pigeon


Inktober 5: Butterfly


Inktober 6: Jellyfish

Due to the nature of this project, I plan to create 13 Inktober works (instead of the traditional 31) to be released every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of October 2017. Stay tuned to my social media channels (Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram) to see if I could make it!


Jeca Martinez Artist ProfileAbout the Author:
Jeca Martinez is an animator and illustrator from Manila who loves to express herself creatively. Her style can be described as cute, fun, and whimsical, and she has worked on projects for Hallmark eCards, Otataa, Vibal Publishing, and The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Come follow her artventures at!


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