How to Survive College: The NBS Starter Guide

How to Survive College NBS Starter Guide

In one month’s time, the school season will start again. We know that freshies are the ones most frightened every start of a new academic year. Worry no more, we’ve been there before! We know that freshmen year can be overwhelming at times, but at least you now know what to expect and how to deal with them!

1. Make your circle larger, but more essential.

College is all about connections. The bigger your network is, the more people you can run to whenever you need something inside the university. While people in college are really diverse and the life there is vast, it is also important to choose your circle wisely. In the long run, you will only need friends who do not compromise your values and your studies.

2. Establish your study habits

Before entering college, always put in mind beforehand that it will not be THAT easy. Unlike in high school, college is stepping into a wide sea of possibilities and challenges that you need to face with your own feet. Your study habits and discipline will define your ability to survive your subjects. If you’ve been dilly-dallying all the way through high school, college is the perfect time to train yourself to study smart and know your priorities.

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3. Spend wisely

Living away from home will teach you a lot of life lessons. Now that you will be on your own, having to live with a budget is a REAL struggle. Learn to accept that college will make you financially uptight as your living expenses will also increase. If you have been an impulsive shopper throughout high school, then this is going to be a real challenge to you. It’s okay not to have that cup of milk tea and cheeseburger from time to time.

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4. Make use of the library resources

In college, expect that you will be doing tons of papers more than usual. And it is not just about jotting in your own views about a topic, your professors will also require you to use academic journals to cite your references. In this case, the best way to collect credible citations is not simply googling everything, but actually making use of your library. Universities invest so much in their libraries to provide you with rich sources that will help hone your craft. Take advantage of your access to this.

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5. Do not simply give in to peer pressure

There will be a lot of temptations to face in college, like really, A LOT. You are expected to act like an adult already, and so you must be taking charge of yourself. Some friends in college are only as good as fair-weather friends. They may be fun to be with, but you must also know when to stop the pressure they try to give you. It is okay to skip parties once in a while. It is okay to skip dinner with your friends if it means a quiet study time for you. After all, you are inside the university to prioritize your studies.


6. Do not simply rely on your own understanding

The university is a wide ocean of ideas. Every person has something to offer you. Inside your room is a market of people selling different ideas. Although you must be wise about what idea to buy, it is also important to not rely on your own. College is an opportunity to widen your perspectives about a lot of things. Yes, even if it means questioning your own stand and principles.

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7. Obey first, before you complain

Now, this is really the hardest part. College students always feel the urge to rant almost about everything – a terror professor, tons of schoolwork making them robots, deadlines coming right at their faces, expensive school fees, and the list goes on. We understand that it’s okay to vent out your stress and frustrations away. But you might want to take this as training for your obedience and patience in the real world. The university will teach you no less than discipline, obedience, and perseverance that will equip you in your professional career.

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