How to Spot Reliable Group Mates in College


Another school year is fast approaching. Before you know it, school works will once again bombard you with so much group works and group activities. In college, nobody graduates with their own feet. You always have to learn to collaborate with other people of all types if you want to get the work done. But let’s be honest, not everyone in the class will be reliable when it comes to group works (we’re looking at you, freeloaders!). No worries because we have come up with an ultimate guide on how to spot on the good guys for every group work there is.

1. Groupmates = friends?
First, you should break the myth that your groupmates should be as exclusive as your friends only. Truth be told, there are friends in college that are good as friends but not as groupmates. The quality of your team collaboration should not be compromised by your friendship and vice versa. It’s okay to choose your group mates that are outside your circle of friends.

2. Open communication
Choose the ones who will constantly communicate with you especially during the ‘rough’ times. There are group mates who have this bad habit of leaving you on seen, dropping your calls, and ignoring your text messages. It pays to have a group mate who actively responds to whatever the group needs.

3. Punctuality
We all want a groupmate who could pass his/her share of work on the given time. While it may be a little difficult to spot this type of groupmate, try to observe who among your blockmates have the proper time management that makes them pass their requirements on the assigned deadline or earlier even.

4. Initiative
Another thing to consider in choosing your groupmates is their initiative. We want a group mate who has the guts to initiate on the group’s plan of action. We can’t just allow our group members to wait eternally until someone speaks up about his/her ideas and suggestions. Group works are not waiting for games. Choose people who have the courage to start the group discussion.

5. Team player
A team player and a leader rolled into one is the best go-to group mate in college. Choose your groupmates with the right mindset. These are the ones who carry the same goal as everyone else in the group. These are also the people who are open to constructive criticisms without holding a grudge against anyone in the group. After all, we are not in high school anymore.

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