How To Recover From A Post-Holiday Sickness

How To Recover From A Post-Holiday Sickness

Now that holidays are over, we’re sure we’re all feeling a little guilty about our added body weight. Stepping onto that weighing scale alone is enough to terrify us. Fret no more, diet buddies! We have listed a handful of book that will help us recover from that dreaded post-holiday sickness.

7-day Superfood Cleanse

What we most need after the holidays is to cleanse all the unwanted cholesterol we got from all that Noche Buena and Media Noche. What better way to cleanse your body than to know these ‘superfoods’? This book will help us go through a thorough 7-day cleansing while maintaining a healthy diet.

52 Foods And Supplements For A Healthy Heart

Our heart is one part of our body that needs utmost care. With the past holiday season, we have all eaten up a handful of fats that may harm our heart. Worry no more! 52 Foods and Supplements for a Healthy Heart features easy–to–make recipes and menu ideas for incorporating heart-healthy foods into your daily diet.

Positive Mind Healthy Heart Take

Positive mind and a healthy heart – these are the 2 most important things we must put in our mind this year. Maintaining both of these involves the wise decision of choosing what food to intake every day. Learn the secrets that Joe Piscatella uses to keep his heart ticking. One of the longest-lived survivors of a cardiac bypass (32 years and counting), Piscatella knows that the only way to stick with a health plan is to face every day with resolve and optimism—which he does through the hundreds of inspirations, quotes, tips and stories now collected in Positive Mind, Healthy Heart!

Super Mind, Super Body

If you have not yet heard of the Law of Attraction, it should be your ultimate mantra for this year. This law basically states that whatever we plant into our minds are the exact ones that we will harvest. Ancient wisdom originally believed that the body, mind, and spirit were interconnected. Today, more than ever, modern medical experts consider this ancient wisdom as a gospel. A new era of consciousness is slowly but surely emerging. This is no longer the new age of thinking but a new age of believing and becoming—where your body, mind, and spirit converge to become a renewed and ageless you. This book explores the ways one can have a Super Mind, Super Body. As they say, “it’s all in the mind”.

Mayo Clinic Plan:10 Steps To A Healthier Life

Being one of the world’s best hospitals, the Mayo Clinic came up with the ultimate 10-step plan towards a healthier life. This guide book is surely a life hack as it features the most essential parts of our body and wellness including fitness, weight, nutrition all written down by the best doctors across the globe.

Plan Eliminate The Surprising Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat And Lose Weight Fast

Truth be told! We are as ~shookt~ as you are when we found out how some “healthy foods” have been glorified over the years but are not as healthy as we think they are! This book helps us to be vigilant and meticulous over the foods that we usually pick when starting a diet plan. We do not want to wrongfully choose foods that will make us gain more unwanted fats!

Dash Diet Action Plan Proven To Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Without Medication

Action plan – now this is what we must practice this 2019. Let us be more productive than reactive especially when it comes to our diet. Our dietary plan must not only start and end with just being a “plan”, but we must also make a positive outcome out of it. If you don’t want to spend much money on medication but still aim to be healthier, then this book is definitely up for grabs!

How will you keep yourself healthier this 2019? We’d like to hear from you in the comments!

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