How To Personalize Your Notebooks The NBS Way


For all the artsy people out there, we know that choosing your notebooks is definitely serious business for you. You take time in finding the right texture, paper, thickness, size, and such because you know your worth and what you deserve when it comes to art and school supplies. Worry not because National Bookstore just released its first ever paper bar where you could freely customize all your notebooks to your heart’s content! Here’s how:

Tip #1: Select your preferred color for the cover.

Notebook Cover Color

Choose from metallic, matte, textured and silk variants. This is a very important step because your choice of color will dictate the mood and vibe you set for your notebook.

Tip #2: Select from plain, ruled, grid or dotted paper inserts.

Notebook Paper Insert

This is available in 50 leaves and 100 leaves. The margins and linings of your notebook will depend on its purpose whether for school, office or simply an art notebook.

Tip #3: Select the spring binder.

Spring Binder

We have lots of spring binders to choose from! Personalize your journal! Type the name you want to be printed on the cover (maximum of 16 characters). Of course, it won’t be that personalized if you won’t engrave your name into it!

Tip #4: Choose whether you want Serif or Sans-Serif.

Font Style and Color

You may want your notebook to be a little laid back so you must choose the proper font for it.

Tip #5: Choose the color and position of the text to be printed.

Choose the one that’s easy to read and recognize.

NBS Personalized Notebooks

And voila! You now have a notebook that you can call your own! For online order of our personalized notebooks, you can check this link.

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