How to Have a Slow, Stress-Free Holiday

How to Have a Slow, Stress-Free Holiday

Taking the cue from our 2018 Ms Universe Catriona Gray’s slow-mo twirl, wouldn’t you wish for a slower, more stress-free holiday season this year? We know this sounds more impossible year after year as the traffic in EDSA worsens every Christmas season. But listen up busy-as-a-bee-moms, you can do this! With good planning, time management, and a penchant for simplicity, you can win this – beauty queen style!

5 Ways to Have a Slow, Less Stressful Christmas

1) Plan as early as September

Nothing beats preparation early. Especially in the Philippines where the holiday season begins in September until February, you have ample time to make your lists. Create your game plan for gift-giving, get-togethers to attend, and even the Noche Buena meal. When you are able to time your shopping, gift-wrapping, cooking, and partying ahead of time, then everything will run like clockwork – save for the minor kinks which you will have enough room to handle.

2) Do most of the shopping online – or all throughout the year!

If you still find our congested roads and long lines in the cashier attractive, by all means, do your shopping in the malls at the last minute – Joking! Nothing beats the convenience of online shopping, not to mention it saves you money because of their never-ending sale period. But if you like the traditional route of inspecting every gift item you need to buy, one mom we know suggested shopping for gifts the whole year through. You can also collect gift cards so that come Christmas season, you are armed with more time to plan for gifts, plus no need to worry about the shopping budget anymore!

National Book Store delivers gifts right to your doorstep nationwide, plus free shipping and COD option. No need to leave the comfort of your home so you have more time for the more meaningful stuff this Christmas.

3) Cut out unnecessary commitments

While it’s true that this time of the year is usually a nice time for you to catch up and attend get-togethers, it’s also not wrong to be mindful of what and who you allow in your calendar. You don’t have to say yes to every invitation especially if it takes time away from what really matters most. If you truly wish to see them all, a better time is January or any other time after Christmas.

4) Don’t pressure yourself to buy or set up new house Christmas decors

Social media has put us moms into a virtual “mompetition”. Who’s got the most orderly-and-Konmari’d house? Who outperformed the most in terms of Christmas decorating? How does her living room look like in December? What Christmas theme is she using this year, etc? All these are just added stressors to this fully charged season. Now that prices are peaking, it’s more impressive to save and keep a budget. Recycle and upcycle old Christmas decors. If you need to buy, go for cheaper alternatives being sold in local bazaars. National Book Store’s physical branches nationwide offer Christmas decors for as low as P50!

Other families even keep to a minimum and do not decorate at all during this season. We can all commemorate the importance of Christmas without the shiny things. It also saves you from having to put back all the trimmings into storage again and again.

5) Stay warm, indoors with the family

Last but not the least, give the family much-needed quality time… Time that you can use to connect with one another… Time that’s better spared for Advent reflection… Time that allows you to create your own family Christmas tradition. One idea is to read one Bible story a day leading up to the birth of Jesus. This way, children can fully realize the real meaning of the season.

In this fast-paced world where rest seems to be the highest commodity, being mindful, calm, and ready are key to achieve a less-stressful Christmas. It’s the only time of the year where we are given longer vacation time so why not spend it wisely. Take it slow. Listen to some piano Christmas music. Craft your favorite hot choco. Go to church. Nothing beats spending time with the family. We know moms all agree.

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