How to Entertain Kids with Maped Arts & Crafts

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Kids are literally balls of extreme energy. Whether it’s playtime or not, there is no actual difference to them. And while we, parents or teachers, try as much as we can to compose these furballs of energy, sometimes they are just so difficult to contain. Maped gives us a list on how to entertain our kiddos during the wee hours of the day.

Of course, the first thing that came into our minds was coloring. Make coloring a fun habit for the kids by being so ~extra~ with these handy dandy coloring pencils.

Maped Colored Pencil Classic Plastic Case

You may also opt to have a smaller version of these pencils while your child is in school.

Maped Colored Pencil Classic Triangular Barrelflex

Start ‘em young with teaching how to use the scissors properly and carefully. You do not want your kids to learn out of fear of cuts or wounds by sharp edges. Maped offers a variety of cool scissors made especially for your tots.Maped Multi-purpose Scissors Blunt Tatoo

Another thing to help your kids from preschool to elementary school is teaching them how to sharpen their own pencils. A kid-friendly sharpener is a good start for that. Also, aren’t they the cutest?!

Maped One Hole Sharpener Croc Croc

Kiddos are prone to losing their crayons from time to time. Why not give them a set of crayons that are packed in a cutie case? It will make a distinction from the rest of his/her classmates’ crayons which will make your child not lose those!Maped Twistable Crayon 836306 836111 6colors Colorpeps Gmaped Twistable Crayons Color pens Gel WatercolorThese kid-friendly coloring pencils make it much easier for your child to carry his/her own things even when you are not around. The kiddo can bring this goodie everywhere and share it with his/her friends too!

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