Have A Slime-filled 2019 with Elmer’s

Have A Slime-filled 2019 with Elmer’s
Have A Slime-filled 2019 with Elmer’s

The new year brings a chance to start fresh and discover new and exciting things to learn and hobbies to try – just like playing with slime! Make 2019 the year of slime with Elmer’s!

Instead of buying a new toy that your kids, pamangkins, or little siblings will break or tire of, you can just treat them to a fun DIY slime time at home.

Getting started is super easy and convenient thanks to Elmer’s Slime Kits. These kits have everything you need to get started on making and playing with different kinds of slime.

There are two kits to choose from: the Everyday Starter Kit and the Frosty Slime Kit. The former has 2 clear glues, 5 glitter glue pens, and 2 bottles of the magical liquids needed to create slime. It’s an ideal pick if you’re new to slime-making.

Meanwhile, the latter has 2 clear glues, 8 glitter glue pens, and 2 bottles of the magical liquids. If you want to go straight to making sparkle slime, this should be your pick.

Of course, there are tons of other types of slime you can experiment and play with. And when you need more materials, look no further than Elmer’s!

Shop for Elmer’s Slime Kits today!

Get the Everyday Starter Kit for P899 and the Frosty Slime Kit for P1,329 in selected NBS branches. You can also shop online by tapping here.

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