How to Be Happy Each Day of 2018 in 3 Simple Steps!

3 Simple Steps on How to Be Happy Each Day in 2018 - Inspirational Books by National Book Store Online

3 Simple Steps on How to Be Happy Each Day in 2018 - Inspirational Books by National Book Store Online

What do the happiest and contented people have in common? They have daily habits that bring joy to their lives. Now that 2018 is soon to knock on our doors, we want to help you

make each day of your year more beautiful and happy, through three simple ways with the help of some of our bestselling inspirational books!


1. Have a Morning Ritual

Enjoy your mornings by National Book Store Online

Happy and successful people start their day right. They make time for the most important relationships in their life—themselves and God. They connect themselves to the Source of all strength, love, and joy.

Companion Set
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In the mornings, feed your heart, mind, and soul with His Word. Companion, a Catholic Scripture Diary, makes Bible reading easier since it already contains the mass readings for the day.

Sabbath January-December
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Sabbath, which contains reflections written by priests based on the mass readings, will help you better understand God’s word and direction for you each day.  


2. Take that Break

Take your mid-day break

The day can be long with an even longer to-do list. In the busyness of our lives, we sometimes take lunch at our desks. Worse, we forget to eat. Happy people know when to work and when to stop working. You need to have moments of pause throughout the day.

As you go on your coffee break, take Didache along with you. It only takes a few minutes to read one reflection and it will already give you the much needed inspiration to go on with your day. Written by ordinary people who seek to live out the Gospel teachings in their everyday life, Didache has a version for millennials called Didache Youth, and a Filipino version called Gabay.


3. Be Grateful

Be Grateful

At the end of the day, happy and successful people take time to count their blessings. They are grateful for every grace that comes their way. They take time to reflect and note them on their journal. Companion has space for you to take note of the answered prayers, blessings, and miracles you experience each day. For sure, there is always something to be grateful for.


How Good People Can Become Rich by Bo Sanchez
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Experience more abundance in your life this 2018 with best-selling author and preacher, Bo Sanchez’ latest book: How Good People Like You Can Become Rich!

When you connect with God every morning, pause to acknowledge His presence throughout the day, and give thanks at night, you will surely have that deep joy in your heart no matter what life throws at you. Everything will be OK, because God is with you.


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