10 Hacks for Better Study Time for High School Students


Gone are the days when our lives are all about school and play. We know many of us here would trade any day just to bring back the time when we had enough time for EVERYTHING but now, we could not fit all our errands in just one day! Luckily, we have found effective ways on how to help you deal with your acads easier and time-wise.


1. Never, EVER, procrastinate.

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of this. While it has become an understatement, we have the ability to do anything we want only if we learn to make use of our time. As our elders have said, laziness will always be our number one enemy. And since it’s school season once again, now’s the time to conquer this green-eyed monster more often known as procrastination.


2. Make a schedule for all your tasks.

YES, even the simplest ones like taking a quick shower. You’ll be surprised to see how much time is saved when you keep track of your obligations. Making an effective schedule actually works wonders as it gives us extra time to do other things. But oops, be careful when you make a schedule because it would be best to make it flexible to allow change in our time frame and things to do if ever something comes up.


3. Chop it into bite-sized ones

To avoid the intimidating and overwhelming feeling of accomplishing big tasks, you may chop it into bite-sized pieces instead. Things become more manageable if our schedule or plan is concrete, realistic and detailed rather than settling for the vague and huge tasks.


4. Be ahead of your school works

The key here is to be ahead of your school works. Even a supposedly easy assignment is never easy when it is done the night before it’s due. Thus, what could be more fulfilling than finishing your homework 3 days before the deadline? While cramming may be harmless and not too bad for an expert in procrastination (going back to #1), there is a tendency that we let this bad habit get in the way of our productivity and lead us to a toxic and stressful workplace in the future. Boooo.     

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5. Respond instead of reacting

We understand how students highly need an outlet for their stress and problems in life. With the minimal effort of lifting our fingers, we could vent to our social media accounts and rant on how annoying our teachers are or how our mothers make unlimited “utos”. But, never did it help us get things done, right? Keep in mind that half of the job is already done when we actually start doing it. So the next time you feel like posting “no chill” rants on Facebook, remember that it does nothing but kill your precious time.


6. Never force a drained body and brain

We may not feel it but there are certain signs when our body and brain call for a break. No matter how much we want to spend an all nighter with our nose stuck on our textbooks, if our body says no then it is a no. Forcing our brain to digest everything in one night is almost the same as forcing a wet cotton to absorb more amount of water beyond its capacity. Our brain works best between 4 to 6 in the morning; so consider sleeping early to study early!


7. Use the power of elimination

Just like in multiple choice examinations, using the power of elimination is 100000x better than making a wild guess! In studying your lessons, focus only on what’s important rather than reading the whole thing. Spot the main idea of the content, highlight the important details, then you’re good to go.


8. Repeat and read it out loud

As most of us are music lovers, consider your lessons as some sort of your favorite songs. It’s easier to memorize lyrics and remember every beat of our most loved music so might as well use this as your strategy in studying. Information and keynotes become familiar when you constantly repeat and read them out loud just like when a song becomes familiar when you always hear and sing it. In this way, understanding concepts and memorizing theories won’t be a big deal to you anymore.


9. Be competitive with yourself and not with others

A little competition is healthy but too much of it makes life so toxic. So why not consider yourself as your only competitor? Strive to become the better version of yourself than you were yesterday. If today you can memorize 7 elements in the periodic table, then make it 10 elements for tomorrow. Remember that the only person who can make or break your goals is yourself. Let others live their lives and just do your own thing!


10. A little sacrifice won’t hurt

At the end of the day, what matters most is the decision that we make for ourselves. Earning success always have sacrifices in return.It is our decisions that reflect on our eagerness to achieve our goals and aspirations. After all, it does not sound too bad if you turn down a Friday night with your besties because you still need to study for your entrance college examinations. And trust us, these little sacrifices are nothing compared to the feeling of finally passing at your dream university!


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