GUEST POST: Recommended Books to Raise a Book Lover

Recommended Books to Raise a Book Lover

Today we are featuring a guest post contribution by a mom blogger, Sweet Mommy in High Heels. Check out her tips on how to raise children who become book lovers, as well as her recommended reads for curious, young children.


As an avid book lover and reader, my collection grew over time and this love for books were also transferred to my son. It is also our shared bonding to check out book titles one by one and select which ones we want to read. Now that my son is in pre-school, I am glad that he can finish a short book, read and memorize poems and verses with minimal help from me or his teachers. Though he can already read, we still love our nightly ritual to flop on bed and read his favorite books or explore new titles from our purchases.

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To teach and encourage our kids to be an intentional reader, here are some of our personal book recommendations that you can also start with preschool kids:

1. Sandra Boyntoyn Books

Sandra Boyntoyn Books

I cannot name a specific favorite title from Sandra Boyntoyn’s book selections. Most of the titles from Sandra Boyntoyn were favorites of my son. These books are my starter books for him while I am trying to encourage him to read during his toddler years. The colorful illustrations and simple words allow kids to familiarize and memorize some of the lines of the book. Some of the books even have suggested lyrics and music which makes it more fun to encourage kids to read and play with rhymes and sounds. Some of my son’s favorites are: Doggies, Moo, Baa, La La La, Going to Bed Book, Blue Hat, Green Hat, Snuggle Puppy and Barnyard Dance


2. Dr. Seuss Books

Dr. Seuss Books

This is one classic book series that parents should not miss! These timeless books have already entertained kids with its wacky, colorful and rhyming words over the years. I still remember while my son was just barely a year old, I started reading to him these Dr. Seuss titles such as Great Day for Up, The Eye Book, and Cat in the Hat. I get to see him looking at pictures and laughing. But later on, my son chose his own favorite titles such as Hop on Pop, Go Dogs Go, Bears on Wheels and The Ear Book.


3. The Curious George Series

The Curious George Series

My son loves stories with different animals in it. One of his favorite series is the Curious George, where he follows the adventure of the curious monkey in a different location, scenario and characters. My son loves to laugh on George’s playfulness on different occasions in the book series.


4. The Berenstain Bears Series

The Berenstain Bears Series

As I mentioned in item number 3 since my son loves different animals he also adores the Berenstain Bears series. This book is also a classic series that even some parents read it while they were still young. What I love about Berenstain Bears is that each book series tells the story of Brother Bear and Sister Bear while growing up and the lessons at the end of each story. I also use the book to teach my son the values we need to practice and the consequences when someone causes trouble.


5. Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear

Also a favorite of my son, we love to follow Paddington’s adventure with Brown family and his funny antics. Just like Curious George, my son loves to laugh at Paddington’s innocent involvements in trouble, his love for marmalade and calling everyone politely while addressing them “Mister” or “Miss”. No wonder this book is a well-loved character in British culture and even up to now a classic favorite among children.

Paddington Bear 2


6. Classic Adarna Books

Classic Adarna Books

As much as we love to teach our kids to read in English, we must not forget to teach them how to read in our mother tongue. I used to remember as a kid how much I love having school visitors who sold copies of different Adarna Books at ten pesos each (that was years ago). I still remember my favorite titles and shared them to my son. Now my son like to read the story of Langgam at Tipaklong (The Ant and Grasshopper) which provides a good story on how important it is to save especially on “rainy days”. Not only Adarna Books improve their illustrations but also made it more readable and interesting to pre-school kids.


7. Oxford Reading Tree Collection

Oxford Reading Tree Collection

My son loves this series that follow the story of Biff, Chip and Kipper plus their funny dog Floppy. These books are arranged in specific reading levels which help your child to read and put their phonics skills into practice. One of our earliest copy was Funny Fish which words are easily grasped by my son and later familiarize while he was starting to read. Over time, we have acquired a few copies because my son loves them so much that he would insist on getting one copy every time we visit the bookstore. Plus, there are also reading guides that parents can follow while doing the read-aloud session or teaching our kids to read.


As a final note…

I could have list lots of books as recommendations, but now these are some of our favorite titles and series. I know that sending my son to school would also help him learn to read, but I supplement it with our own personal reading time. Reading is such a great bonding with our kids. It is fun reading together and getting lost in the aisles of bookstore while searching for a favorite series or books.

As Dr. Seuss says, “The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go” and “ You are never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child”.

Happy Reading!


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