Guest Post: Books this Big and Homeschooling Family Loves to Read

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Our busy family of nine wonderful children thoroughly enjoy books. The oldest four are able to read entirely on their own, and they each spend at least an hour a day reading. Some of their favorite books include the Encyclopedia Brown series, Dragon Knight Chronicles, Robinson Crusoe, The Swiss Family Robinson, and Treasure Island.

But we also enjoy family reading time. Because we have so many mouths to feed, we need to stay at the top of our productivity game. This means our group reading time often consists of inspirational and motivational writings such as You Were Born Rich, The Slight Edge, The Salesman and the Farmer, and The Compound Effect.

Since we homeschool our children, we follow the unwritten universal law of the universe that says we must watch The Princess Bride movie at least once a month. We’ve read the full book  upon which that movie is based.

And most of all, we enjoy our group readings of the Bible just before bed. It is so affordable and available that we were able to easily buy one copy for each child, so everyone can follow along. Even those little ones who don’t know how to read yet insist on holding their copies of the Bible and flipping through the pages (until they are distracted by a passing butterfly or lizard).

The Bible

We personally know the author of the book Musing on Creation and Evolution, so we were able to get several copies of that book. That is another popular book that all the children can follow along in. It’s not too often that you buy 4 or 5 copies of the same exact book. So when it does happen, we do our best to take advantage of the opportunity!

Our mother in law who is recovering from a stroke only understands Visayan, so we will daily gather around her bed to read the new testament to her in Visayan. I’ll be honest, I don’t speak or understand about 97% of what I’m reading, but the children (who also understand very little Visayan) enjoy listening for a few words that they do understand. And our mother in law is certainly able to thoroughly enjoy an American struggling to pronounce words so familiar to her. It’s a happy time for everyone.

Some of the best books I’ve ever read, that I hope my children will read someday, include The Law by Frederic Bastiat, World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin, Cure Tooth Decay, and Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Many things are changing with the advent and proliferation of high technology. But books and reading are here to stay, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Alexander DoakAlexander Doak is the father of nine freebirthed, homeschooled children and has experience writing technical documentation and designing better customer experiences for major brands. He is the founder of Doakio, a digital agency that helps businesses around the world connect with highly skilled Filipino talent.


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