Graduation Highlights: A Moment of Gratitude

Graduation Highlights Gift Ideas

Graduation season is a season of gratitude for both the student and his support system. Years of hard work and perseverance for quality education deserve nothing but a blissful reward. We’ve made a list of some of the most raved about gifts for the graduates. Congratulations!

Graduation Gifts that Show Gratitude

Faber Castell Fountain Pen in Rose Gold Chromed Ivory
Faber Castell Fountain Pen in Rose Gold Chromed Ivory | ₱3,000.00 | FREE Shipping & Cash-on-Delivery

A personalized pen would be a great idea as a gratitude for the graduate. It symbolizes a reward for his unique talents and gifts that he has fostered through the years in the academe. And for that uniqueness calls for a unique pen made just for him too!

Sharpie Permanent Marker 24 Color Set
Sharpie Permanent Marker 24 Color Set | Sharpie Permanent Marker 24 Color Set | FREE Shipping & Cash-on-Delivery

If your graduate is an artsy one, there will be no better gift idea than something that will help him hone his artistic skills more. Sharpie has always been committed to serving as an inspiration for all types of artists and supporting the lifelong careers of its customers.

Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pens
Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pens | ₱542.00 | *FREE Shipping & Cash-on-Delivery

This one is also for the artist who will be entering the art industry soon. Good quality drawing pencils will help him turn his artistic ideas and imagination to real life masterpieces.

Graduation Mug You Did It
Graduation Mug You Did It | ₱120.00 | *FREE Shipping & Cash-on-Delivery

A coffee mug would not hurt for a student whose student life depended so much on caffeine. What better way can we gratify his love for coffee that has helped him graduate too? Of course, it’s no other than giving him a special mug!

Graduation Pillow Pink You Make Us Proud
Pink Graduation Pillow You Make Us Proud | ₱114.00 | *FREE Shipping & Cash-on-Delivery

The best reward for a graduate is the freedom of finally sleeping without an alarm. To best serve this oh-so-sweet satisfying treat, why not give her a pillow that would remind her of her best years?

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