A Graduate’s Pledge: 5 Item-Agenda to Prepare for Adulting

A Graduate's Pledge_ 5 Item-Agenda to Prepare for Adulting

A Graduate's Pledge_ 5 Item-Agenda to Prepare for Adulting

How to Prepare for Adult Life After Graduation

Ah, the bliss and liberation felt right after graduation. No more sleepless nights and terror profs to deal with everyday. But are you prepared for what’s coming? Yep, adulting is now knocking on your door and it’s time to make a graduate’s pledge! We’re here to help you. Here’s a 5-item agenda on how to prepare for adult life:

#1 Gather necessary documents for IDs

One of the first and most important things you’ll need for the adult life are your IDs , specifically the government-issued ones like voter’s ID, driver’s license, passports, and postal IDs. Companies and other transactions require one or two of these IDs and it’s a must for you to be prepared ahead! You’ll need a LOT of documents like clearances and certifications so it’s smart to use a clear plastic envelope to stash everything in and avoid spilling over it!


#2 Begin the hunt

Most graduates look for a job right after graduation. While this is perfectly fine because they make sure that they start work immediately, it’s wiser to start ahead so there will be lesser competition for you and for them. There’s a lot of jobs out there that cater to fresh graduates and even yet-to-graduate seniors! Sites like Jobstreet and Kalibrr are incredibly helpful in aiding graduates like you to land your first job.

#3 Start reading or learning about financial literacy

Pages like The Bright Millennial guide millennials and young professionals on how to navigate the adult world of insurances, plans, savings, and investment. It’s cool to be well-informed on these things early on so you can develop discipline and smart decision-making right from your first paycheck! You can also consult ~legit~ financial coaches like Ms. Chai Santiago – a certified expert who has guided numerous millennials – to advice you on money matters.

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#4 Revamp your social media accounts

Okay, here’s something extremely important. Potential employers look you up online and check out your social media accounts’ content. You might want to be careful of what you post or share online because yep, in today’s digital age, people have this perception of who you are online is really what you are in real life (although we disagree!). Also, younger people will look up to you now – so reconsider what you’re letting them see or watch.

#5 Practice, practice, practice!

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Before you graduate, it’s important for you to experience even just a little bit of what it means to be an adult. Some students rent a dorm or an apartment in the last 2 years of college so they can experience living alone. Some, on the other hand, try to discipline themselves by bringing a little bit less than of their daily allowance. If these are too much for you, you can just opt to practice answering interview questions, speaking in a different language fluently and in front of other people, etc. Really, the point is you gotta prep up!

There you have it, friends! Adulting may seem frightening but with enough preparation and clear goals in mind, fear won’t be too much of a hassle. From all of us in National Bookstore, we greet you congratulations and the best of luck!

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