5 Date Ideas for Rainy Days

Go Romantic with these 5 Couple Date Activities on a Rainy Day

Go Romantic with these 5 Couple Date Activities on a Rainy Day

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be #CoupleGoals ! This rainy season is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your bae.

Check out these 5 date ideas that will keep the romance burning even on a cold, rainy day!

Cook together

Sharing the kitchen is an intimate affair! You can both pick your favorite recipe and do the prep, cooking, garnishing, and eating together. Invest in fun memories with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend doing such domesticated activity. This enhances your team work and helps you understand each other’s preferences when it comes to food. Who knows you might discover the inner chef in each other!

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Movie or TV series marathon

You don’t have to do this alone. Share the TV remote or your recently downloaded series with your special someone. Sometimes we just want to chill out and be beside the one we love. Serve the popcorn, drinks, or your favorite comfort food to add to the experience. Our tip: Take turns watching his or her preferred movie or series. It’s one way of showing your kindness to one another.

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Read books side by side

If you are both self-confessed bookworms, I’m sure it’s a no-brainer for you and your special someone to spend the whole rainy afternoon catching up on your favorite reads. There’s always something romantic when you sit or lie down side by side quietly reading. This activity both enhances your creative thinking and makes you more comfortable with each other’s presence even without saying anything.

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Dance in the rain

Because dancing in the rain isn’t just for kids! Come have fun and go silly with one another by just enjoying the rain. It’s a great outlet when you feel physically or emotionally stressed out with adult life. For once, let your hair down and just take delight in being with somebody as crazy as you are to dance in the rain. Our tip: Just make sure you do this in your backyard or along a safe road to keep accidents out of way.

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Work on a craft project

Are you both on the artistic side? Is there a craft project you’ve been meaning to finish together? Well now’s the right time to get started to tick off that item in your to-do-list! Whether that means painting a wall mural in your apartment or doing some decor crafts – your choice of activity. Just be sure to involve your loved one so it’s double the fun and creativity 🙂

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Don’t get stuck indoors sulking in boredom. You can actually create a more exciting time with your special someone just by doing something productive/creative indoors while the rain is pouring out. It works wonders for you both as spending some quiet, romantic time together can enhance your relationship.

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