Gift Packing Essentials from NBS


Do you have family or friends living out of town, or even abroad? Share the warmth of Christmas with them by sending them a care package! Apart from the usual food, clothes, and other supplies, make sure you include fun gift items from National Book Store.

But how to pack them? BestBuy, Edisy, and Optima have you covered!

Fragile items should always be covered in bubble wrap from Optima to avoid them getting crumpled or creased during shipping.

If you’re going to be sending items for multiple people, make sure there’s no mix-ups by labeling them! Use these sticky notes from BestBuy to add their names, and maybe a short message, too.

Once everything’s in the box, the last thing you’ll need is some tapes from Optima! Scotch tape and masking tape for the items, and packaging tape to wrap everything up securely.

Find all of these handy items in NBS today, and share the Christmas cheer with your loved ones!

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