Fun Book Characters You Can Use for Halloween Costume Parties

Fun Book Characters You Can Use for Halloween Costume Parties

Fun Book Characters You Can Use for Halloween Costume Parties

Halloween’s almost here and it’s not just about the Trick or Treats, it is also getting over the ‘tricky’ part of choosing which costume to slay this year. Getting an inspo from book characters is just one way to play the game. We’ll show you some of the cutest and easiest peg to imitate for this year’s best Halloween party!

Fun Book Character Ideas for your Halloween Costume


1. Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz is one of the most raved costumes for kids. It’s perfect for when you’re running out of time for preparation or you simply want a minimal effort but a maximum impact.

2. Little Red Riding Hood

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We bet this is everyone’s go-to costume! You don’t have to break the bank if you want to carry out a subtle Little Red Riding Hood look. All you got to do is to curl those hair and borrow your grandma’s favorite plaid red blanket or cloth.

3. Big Friendly Giant (BFG)

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Who’s up for a different style this year? Pulling out a look from BFG does not require tedious task. All you have to have is resourcefulness. Duh, a brown leather jacket may be made just out of duct tape!

4. Winnie the Witch

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This look might be spooky but definitely a cutie. If you think that your Halloween hat from last year can no longer be the crowd catcher, then you’re wrong. This idea has been going on for years and it still does. Halloween hat is an oldie but a goldie!

5. The Rainbow Fish

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Who says babies can’t join the party? They certainly add extra charm and cuteness to the celebration! Mommies who are ~so~ eager to make their little one’s join the Trick or Treat earlier than expected will be very delighted to check out this look from The Rainbow Fish costume.

6. Fancy Nancy

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When you’re a girly girl and you’re reading this, we’re sure that you have had at least one experience where you slayed a princess look for a costume party. Now this is another oldie but goldie idea; only that the modern princess costumes today are fancier and a lot more ~extra~. Check out Fancy Nancy!

7. No-Sew Care Bears Costume

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And because Halloween Party can also be a family affair, tag along the whole fam bam for a picture-worthy costume this year! Since you’ll be prepping up a costume that’s good for the whole family it’s important to make it easier to do in favor of your convenience. This no-sew Care Bears might just be the answer that you’re looking for.

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