Five Cool Features of Tombow Brush Pens


How are you celebrating Christmas? Let your holiday cheer spill out onto your canvas using Tombow brush pens!

But why pick these brush pens over others? Here are three of their cool features!

1. It has twin tips.

While a brush markers is great to have, it’s much more convenient to have a fine tip in the same pen. Effortlessly switch between the two with a flick of your wrist, and alternate between fine lines and brush strokes.

2. It comes in 96 colors.

From varying shades of grey, to bright, cool colors and vibrantly warm shades, there’s more than enough color to create any artwork you could ever imagine.

3. It’s blendable.

While these come in a vast range of stunning colors, you can still create your very own by blending two or more hues together.

4. It has self-cleaning tips.

After you blend colors together, you won’t have to worry about permanent stains, thanks to its self-cleaning tips.

5. It’s a versatile tool.

From taking down notes and flourishing them with brush strokes, to being creative with your journaling or scrapbooking, or creating beautiful illustrations, these brush pens are super versatile and super practical, too.

See them in action:

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