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David Levithan‘s Every Day was a bestseller, with its unique premise and the engaging romance between A and Rhiannon. Another Day, its companion novel, tells the story from Rhiannon’s perspective. Now, Levithan returns with Someday, the third book in the series!

Someday takes us deeper into the lives of A, Rhiannon, and the man they know as Reverend Poole. While A always thought there wasn’t anyone like him, he was wrong – there are others.

This third entry in the trilogy explores more deeply the questions at the core of the first two books: What is a soul? And what makes us human?

But, is it worth your money? What do critics and bookworms think of it? Let’s check out what they have to say:


This was such a fascinating conclusion to A and Riannon’s story. I enjoyed how David set it up and took what the movie set up to the next level. – Christy, 4 out of 5 stars

Very philosophical – and a great look at identity and equality. Levithan’s ability to question what makes a person a “person” is amazing. – Jen, 4 out of 5 stars

The wait was long and painful but let me tell you IT WAS WORTH IT. I got everything I hoped, wished and dreamt for and much more… Things I loved: Rhiannon grew so much as a character. She’s so much confident in herself now and it was beautiful to see that. A finding someone who is just like them and having a chance to talk about what is going on with them. Even when that someone might not be the right one. – Nina, 5 out of 5 stars

Common Sense Media

Once again, David Levithan has created a fascinating world inhabited by bodiless people as well as humans, and he’s upped the ante for Rhiannon and A with an epic moral struggle. Levithan has a remarkable talent for drawing teen characters, and for elegantly raising personal and topical issues without hitting his readers over the head with them.

Kirkus Reviews

A more peacefully inhabits a diverse cast of humans, whose experiences briefly touch on the likes of bullying, mental health, and poverty.

More self-reflective morality tale than star-crossed romance, this sequel brightly illuminates the world beyond A and Rhiannon.

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