First Impressions: Reviews of Leah on the Offbeat


Becky Albertalli’s Leah on the Offbeat is out now! This spinoff sequel to the bestselling Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda follows Leah Burke — girl-band drummer, master of deadpan, and Simon Spier’s best friend — as she struggles to tell her friends that she’s bisexual. Not even Simon knows!

Here are what people think of it:


Leah is a brilliant character… Leah knows who she is; she knows her desires and her labels, even if she’s not comfortable sharing those with others yet…

Leah gives a voice to another wave of LGBTQ+ youth. It is the book many of us have been waiting for. I feel like I could take on anything now that I’ve read this book. Leah’s confidence is magic.”


“It’s pretty character driven, a little bit of a plot appearing around halfway through…

The romance was done so well. It took its time as Leah isn’t out as bisexual to anyone but her mum, and she’s convinced she’s straight. I loved the development of the romance and it had a great payoff. It made me so happy to read and I’m already craving more of them.” – Natasha, 5 stars

Of course this was amazing. I loved being in Leah’s head. I love her snark and sarcasm and resting bitch face. I loved we got so much Simon and Bram. I loved Leah’s mom.

I loved the story and the ending and the Harry Potter references and the Doctor Who reference and the everything. There is not one thing about this that I didn’t love. – Stacee, 5 stars

Well, the verdict is in – Leah on the Offbeat is an awesome read, an inspiration for LGBT+ youth, and a must-have for fans of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda!

Grab a copy today in NBS for P459 (paperback). As an added treat, the special edition for NBS has a letter written by Becky herself for all of you, her Filipino readers! Shop today in branches nationwide, or online here.

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