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Celebrity Books Philippines

Celebrity Books Philippines
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My ex and whys, Vince & Kath, Till I Met You – these are just some of the movie and romantic telenovelas we follow today because they tug at our heartstrings. Where do you think all those #hugot quotes originated from? Apart from our own heartbreak stories, these romantic films bring to life those straight-from-my-bleeding-heart sentiments that are universal to human experience.

This month of hearts, we thought of giving you a rundown of some of the best romance celebrity books we always keep stock of (because they sell so fast!). We’re also featuring humor-filled celebrity books that will surely tickle your hearts.



Vince & Kath & James: The Finale

Vince & Kath & James: The Finale
Vince & Kath & James: The Finale, only ₱150.

The last one in the series, following book 2: Remember, and book 3: Promise. The final novel of this love story centers on destiny. It makes one realize that destiny is a consequence of our choices, not a pre-destined fate that we need to wait on. As the married-couple-to-be prepares for the wedding, James get into the picture to offer financial help to the couple – leaving Kath confused and doubtful about Vince. It doesn’t help that the groom is missing days leading to the wedding. Get your copy today and uncover the plot!


Ultimate Alden Richards Fan Book

The Ultimate Alden Richards Fan Book
The Ultimate Alden Richards Fan Book, only ₱250.

A fan of the Pambansang Bae? This is your lucky day as we bring you THE Ultimate Alden Richards Fan Book! Published by Summit Media, this is the perfect present to the fan-girling-bae. It narrates the humble beginnings of Alden Richards – his childhood and roots, how he came into showbiz, and the truth in his romance journey with Maine Mendoza *kilig scream starts now!*  There’s a dedicated section solely for Main Mendoza and their relationship, plus lots of cute, childhood and current photos of Alden Richards. Grab your copy now to satisfy your curiosity about the Philippine’s hottest heartthrob!


Truth & Lies My Mother Told Me

Truth & Lies My Mother Told Me by Ruffa Gutierrez
Truth & Lies My Mother Told Me by Ruffa Gutierrez, only ₱245.

This book is about finding true love today, despite the odds (but not in spite of our moms). This is what Ruffa Gutierrez tells us as she shares her love stories both showbiz and non-showbiz, and how her mom did everything to protect her. Ruffa reveals all the truth, lies, and lessons she picked from mom Annabelle as she struggled with love (just like the rest of us).

This is a “very tita” read, but imparts insight to the younger generation who is just as love-crazed as their more senior counterparts.

One truth you’ll get from it is this: “Sometimes, you can meet the wrong person at the right time and still make the most out of it, or that you can meet the right person at the wrong time, and even if you really both want it to work, it just won’t happen.”—Ruffa Gutierrez

Buy your copy online to get free shipping!



If you’re following Ethel Booba on Twitter, you must be a fan of her witty humor! From her hugot lines, to her political satires, this funny woman is a real stress-reliever! That’s why, you should get her book: Charotism – ang trending comedy book para sa matatalino. Charot!

“Kapag nagmura kaya si Duterte magpapakyu sign kaya ‘yung nagsa-sign language sa TV screen? #Charot!” – Political Analyst


Till I Met You: A Wedding Planner

Till I Met You: A Wedding Planner
Till I Met You: A Wedding Planner, only ₱225

The Jadine love team is phenomenal and so is their latest book – Till I Met You: A Wedding Planner. This is fun, and non-traditional take on the usual bridal checklist. It features Iris, Basti, and Vince as they help you plan your dream wedding — from finding the right dress, wedding venue, to how to fight fairly during marital conflicts. Just a warning, the book is hinged on the premise that you will know it’s THE ONE when the only sound you hear is the beating of your heart. Cheesy, I know. But give this a chance, and you might just get the best wedding you could ever dream of! Grab a copy today.


My Ex and Whys, The Book of Bakits

My Ex & Whys, The Book of Bakits
My Ex & Whys, The Book of Bakits. Pre-order today!

The latest rom-com film by Enrique Gil and the pretty Liza Soberano is an interesting take on exes and second chances. Immerse yourself in the story of their past relationship and how this affected Liza in their present time. A synopsis from the movie narrates the story of Cali a blogger who owns the upcoming blog, “The Bakit List,” and her ex Gio who will return to her life unexpectedly and surprisingly. Can you still love someone who caused you all the pain?

Make a pre-order today.

Alone doesn’t mean lonely on Valentine’s Day. Give yourself some “me time” and indulge in these celebrity romance and comedy books while you snuggle and sip your favorite feel-good drink. Enjoy!

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