You Can’t Help But Feel Excited with Back to School with NBS!


The end of summer vacation means one thing: back-to-school season! It’s the most exciting time to go back to National Book Store!

Shop online or over the phone!

If you (or your parents) don’t have the time to go out and visit NBS, you can still shop for all your school supplies right from your home! You can call 8888 NBS (that’s 888 627) and our customer service specialists will help you pick and choose the items you need.

You can also do it at our website, which you can visit here. There’s free shipping for orders over P1,000, and if you live in Metro Manila, you can have it delivered to your home within the day!

Save time, money, and energy!

If you need help finding an NBS branch near you, go to our store locator and find the closest ones. Once you do visit them, you won’t be disappointed with their efficient layout and carefully arranged items.

You’ll make the most out of every peso with items at P20, P50, or P100 - Low Price Deals that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Get a Grab & Go pack which has all the essentials – pad papers, notebooks, pens, pencils, and others. Go for the Budget Bundles which bring together your favorite brands at an affordable price.

You can also get special items with all your purchases. For every P500 purchase with any item with an N sticker, you can get a colorful backpack for just P100! And for every P1,000 purchase with any item with an N sticker, you can get a tote bag for free.

Find items beyond school supplies!

Who says the back-to-school season is just for students? Anyone can enjoy the endless discoveries waiting for them in NBS! Arts and crafts, productivity tools, and so much more are waiting to ignite your creativity and passions.

You just can’t help but feel excited this back-to-school season with National Book Store!

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