Every 8 PM is Unplug to Read with Hour


With smartphones, tablets, and laptops – and all of the apps, games, and social media sites they give you access to – it’s easy to get lost in the endless news feeds and timelines. But having all of these around shouldn’t lead to us forgetting about reading, about the power of words, characters, and stories.

Starting this October, let’s all Unplug to Read with NBS! At 8:00 PM everyday, put away your gadgets, grab a book, and start reading.

You can read with your family, friends, or your pets. Reading alone is fine, too. You can do a few pages, or a chapter or two. If you enjoy it enough, you might  finish the whole book in just one sitting!

After reading, share your experience online by using the hashtag or tagging us – @nbsalert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube! Share your thoughts about the book you read, or what book you want to read next!

We hope you all take the time, and make the time, to Unplug to Read with NBS!

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