Elevate Your Art with Elmer’s!


When brands are so well-loved, they end up replacing the common word for that item. And when it comes to glue, any kind of glue, we all have one brand in mind: Elmer’s!

But for those of us who haven’t been to school in years, it might be easy to assume that Elmer’s only offers one kind of glue. That may have been true years ago, but no more!

Here are 3 cool products you can get from Elmer’s today!

Glitter Glue

There was a time when adding glitter to your school project meant dealing with the hassle of glitter powder. But with these colorful glitter glues, adding some extra glam to your works is a breeze!

School Glue

What’s the difference between this and regular glue, you ask? This washable, no-run school glue is easy to use and stays where you put it. Even if your kids make accidental messes, they’ll be a lot easier to clean up!

Poster Tac N Stik

Certainly unique, these are re-usable putty adhesives that are ideal for putting up posters, calendars, messages, and more. It is acid free and non-toxic.

And in case you’re wondering what else you can do with Elmer’s glues, check out this awesome tutorial and learn to make your own colorful slime:

Don’t you just love the variety and quality of Elmer’s? Find them today in NBS branches nationwide, and make sure you add them to your back-to-school hauls!

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