Early Christmas Shopping List: 12 Items You Should Buy Ahead of the Holidays

Early Christmas Shopping Online National Book Store

Early Christmas Shopping Online National Book Store

When the BER months start in the Philippines, we all know what that means: the start of the Christmas season! Here at National Book Store, we made sure you’re ready for some early Christmas shopping online. No hassles, to traffic, no crowds — just an easy and secure experience of doing online pre-Christmas shopping.

Today we’re sharing some discounted products we offer for you before the mad holiday rush sets in:

#1: Museum of Me – Curate your own life!

 Museum of Me : Curate your life with your own drawings, doodles and writing
Shop online for only ₱595.00! *FREE delivery nationwide.

This notebook is a unique item to give (to a loved one or to yourself!). It’s an interactive, and graphic museum-themed notebook by gifted illustrator Charlotte Farmer. Complete every page with the most important things in your life – your ideas, your favourite songs, books and clothes or your ideal travel destination. Feel free to embellish your curations with drawings, doodles and writing – any way that pleases you, it’s your museum after all!

#2 Bake Magic Together for the Family

Bake Magic Together: 40 Recipes for the Whole Family to Make
Shop online for only ₱295.00! *FREE delivery nationwide.

This gift is perfect for moms, or even for your younger siblings who are into baking. It’s an easy-to-follow recipe book by Maya Kitchen for the whole family. This baking cookbook also guides parents in how to include their kids in baking, helping kids develop not only their baking and cooking talents, but also enhance their basic yet important arithmetic, vocabulary, as well as social skills.

#3 Zipit Backpack for your Inaanak!

Zipit Backpack 10in. 2 in 1 Animal Design Owl
Shop online for only ₱979! *FREE delivery nationwide!

Bags are a great gift for kids because they’re versatile and highly useful. You can never go wrong with it. Choose any from our Zipit line of bags. The designs are super cute and fit for both girls and boys. Get it here.

#4 Top class ball pen for the boss

Sheaffer Ballpoint Stick 9405 Vfm Matte Bk
Shop online for only ₱499! *FREE delivery nationwide.

Your boss will surely appreciate a well-thought of gift like the Sheaffer Ballpoint Stick. It’s not only functional, but very classy. He or she will always be reminded of you as s/he uses it the whole year through!

#5 The 17-Month Planner from ban.do

ban.do Planner Month Classic Agenda
Shop online for ₱1,599! *FREE delivery nationwide.

As early as now, shop for the ideal planner! Before everyone rushes to order the perfect planner for them, you can take the time to look for the best designs and personalities. Check out this 17-month ban.do planner – complete with charts, generous writing sheets, and stickers.

#6 Personalized Greeting Cards from Chuvaness

Chuvaness Note Card Set
Shop online for only ₱199! *FREE delivery nationwide.

Send personalized cards this holiday. Choose from the unique, quirky designs from Chuvaness. A little writing adds a personal touch to your holiday greetings!

#7 Crayola Drawing Pad as Giveaways for Kids

Crayola Drawing Pad 3162015 Red
Shop online for only ₱49.50! *FREE delivery nationwide!

You buy this in bulk as Christmas giveaways to kids. It’s not only educational, but also fun for little ones! Their parents will thank you for keeping their kids busy so they can have a some down time during the busy season.

#8 Love and Gravity for Fiction Lovers

Love and Gravity
Shop online for only ₱599! *FREE delivery nationwide!

Looking for the perfect gift to a bookworm friend? Here’s an amazing fiction book to capture his/her imagination. In this unforgettable novel for fans of One Day and The Time Traveler’s Wife, a young Isaac Newton falls in love with a girl living in modern-day San Francisco, defying the laws of physics to forge a seemingly impossible connection. This read will definitely make you fall in love!

#9 Best Sci-Fi Gift this year!

Carve the Mark
Shop online for only ₱675! *FREE delivery nationwide!

Fans of Star Wars and Divergent will revel in internationally bestselling author Veronica Roth’s stunning new science-fiction fantasy series. Get Carve the Mark online from National Book Store and delight your best friend or niece who loves sci-fi!

#10 DIY Building Toys for your nephews

HWA996778 Pull Back Toys 104 pcs
Shop online for only ₱199.75! *FREE delivery nationwide!

Shop early for toys so you get them in cheaper prices. Check out this Pull-Back DIY building toy for your little nephew. This gift will enhance fine motor skills, and their creativity. Buy them online here.

#11 Disney Princess Read and Glow book for your niece

Disney Princess Read And Glow
Shop online for only ₱839! *FREE delivery nationwide!

Gift your sweet niece with a creative drawing experience from Read & Glow! She can read the storybook and use the two multicolored markers on the light-up pad to make drawings that come to life in the light or dark with the magic of colorful light effects! This is ideal for little girls 3 years and up.

#12 Crocodile Creek Tumbler for School Kids

Crocodile Creek Tumbler 1033 2 Stainless Vehicle Design
Shop online for only ₱599! *FREE delivery nationwide!

This is the ideal Christmas gift for growing, active school kids. Their parents will love you for it! Keeping a good amount of drink will hydrate kids so you are sure they’re always at their best. They can use this tumbler in school, at play, or when travelling. Really useful for children. Shop here.

The holidays spell the longest and the busiest season in the Philippines. Take advantage of early Christmas shopping at National Book Store online! All our prices are the same with our local stores – but without the hassle of traffic and crowd. Go ahead and pick your gifts to give! See you at checkout!

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