Donate a Book this Christmas and Make More Kids Happier!

Project Aklat via National Book Store
Donate a Book this Christmas and Make More Kids Happier!

Project Aklat to build more Public School Libraries in the Philippines.
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Hey there, NBS loyal shopper! How’s your holidays going so far? Are you still in search for a charity to share the joy of Christmas and of reading? Look no further! National Bookstore’s Christmas book drive known as Project Aklat has you covered. The goal of the book drive is to build more libraries in public schools all over the country.

Donating a book is so simple. Follow these 3 steps:

1) First thing you gotta do is to drop by at a National Bookstore branch nearest you. There will be a special display corner in the store where you can purchase books to donate. There are books near the cashiers too – more convenient for buying them!

2) When you have purchased a book, the cashier will ask you to fill up stickers with some details and you are to put these stickers on the lower side of the book’s front cover. Make sure you’re not covering the book’s title!

3) Drop the books in the designated boxes the store has in display and voila! You’re done and we’ll take it from there. Oh, and don’t worry, our friendly staff would encourage you to donate and would guide you throughout these steps!

National Bookstore’s Christmas book drive runs from December 2 to 31, 2017 only so hurry up!

Rest assured that the books you donate will be used to build more libraries in public schools. Kids will surely have an awesome and fun time reading them! Not only did you share the pleasure of reading and the joy of Christmas – you made kids happier as you build libraries for them. If you’re still clueless on what to give your loved ones, be sure to visit National Book Store’s 2017 Gift Finder:

National Book Store Holiday Gift Guide and Gift Finder 2017

From all of us in National Bookstore, we greet you and your loved ones a happy holidays!

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