#DIYwithNBS: Calligraphy with Speedball

DIY Calligraphy with Speedball

DIY Calligraphy with Speedball

Have you ever wanted to join the hype of calligraphy craze but have no idea how and what to start? Then turn your worry into hobby! We have listed down helpful tips for beginners on how you could ace that calligraphy game with the number 1 brand in calligraphy sets: Speedball pens!  Speedball calligraphy pens will surely help us on how to properly use different nibs of different sizes.

Start with the basics

One way to be familiar with artistic writing is to practice “faux calligraphy”- modern artistic writing with the use of gel pens or ballpoint pens. Gel pens/ ballpoint pens seem to be less intimidating and overwhelming since we have been using it all our lives! Plus, faux calligraphy is not just for beginners, it is ideal for all calligraphy enthusiasts since it comes handy in a variety of projects like gift cards.


Always keep your pen nibs clean

Speedball nibs have oils on them to maintain it’s quality performance before they are sold. Before you use these nibs, it is always advisable to take away the oil. In this way, the nibs will ensure smooth, seamless ink flow. If you happen to miss out this step, you might have issues with ink blobbing on your paper, or the ink may not write at all.


Arrange your dip pens

Assembling your dip pens will not only make it look presentable, perhaps it will make you feel motivated and extra careful when using your nibs. You can use the Speedball Plastic Pen to keep your nibs in place and ready to use whenever you feel like it.


Firmly hold the dip pen

Your grip on the pen will determine the grip you use on your standard pen. The key here is to hold your thumb and forefinger to pinch the holder, then place your middle finger behind for support. Lastly, you can also make use of your pinky and ring finger to drag on the paper as you write.

Calligrahy with Speedball Collector's Set #DIYwithNBS

The Calligraphy Collector's Set by Speedball is an all-in-one solution for artists. Enjoy a set of nibs, pen holders, inks, and the handy Speedball Textbook in an elegant wooden case.Stay tuned for more #DIYwithNBS videos. Visit blog.nationalbookstore.com and join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @nbsalert.

Posted by National Book Store on Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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Carefully dip the pen in ink

When using Speedball nibs, dip it just above the vent hole (which is that hole in the center of the nib). Always try to avoid going any further than your desired direction or else you will surely have too much ink on your nib, and it will pool on your paper as you try to write, yikes!


Practice, practice, practice!

When practicing the modern calligraphy with a dip pen, make sure that the angle of the nib in relation with the paper constant. Never, never hold the pen vertically.Instead, you should shoot for a 45 degree angle between pen and paper. If you hold the pen too upright, the nib will catch on the fibers in the paper and affect your ink flow. After all, the brand of the pens are the second concern; just keep practicing the art of calligraphy and you will be surprised on  how easy it is to be good at this in no time!


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