Have a Date with Mom and Dad this Valentine’s


For all the NGSBs and NBSBs out there, Valentine’s might seem like a grim reminder of their unending single-ness. But, it isn’t just about romantic love. Instead of waiting until you have your special someone, why not celebrate Valentine’s by treating your mom and dad to a fun date!

Kid Made Modern has a bunch of books, activities, and kits you can try!

For the meticulous makers

Kid Made Modern’s assorted kits let your imagination run wild! Put together cool characters with the Wooden Robot Kit or customize a musical instrument with the Ukulele Kit. The Duct Tape Kits – either with funky geometric patterns or stylish stripes – let’s you create and design different items with ease. Paint and draw to your heart’s desire with this Studio in a Box.

All of these kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and almost all of the materials you’ll need!

For the craft-lovers

This jam-packed Arts and Crafts Library has over 1,250 pieces giving you endless possibilities! Create animals, plants, jewelry, and more! Store it all in this convenient carrying case. Each case includes 510 beads and sequins, 348 fuzzy sticks,  105 pom poms, 60 felt pieces, 30 wooden dowels, floss, 102 googly eyes, 40 sticker back jewels, 9 wooden discs, 40 craft sticks, scissors, 2 needles, and 1 glue tube. If that doesn’t satisfy your creativity, we don’t know what will!

For the creative bookworms

Written by Todd Olham, each of these 5 books is filled with a ton of projects for kids and adults to DIY. Different patterns and designs are detailed in All About Dye and All About Fabric Printing. Wacky designs and unique styles can be found in All About Collage and All About Embroidery. And for a bigger selection, the Kid Made Modern Book is perfect for the new generation of modernists.

As a super special treat, you have the chance to win up to P5,000 worth of Kid Made Modern products! Interested? Find out exactly how here.

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