Your Curious Preschooler: Top Books and Activities to Enhance Creative Thinking

Your Curious Preschooler_ Top Books and Activities to Enhance Creative Thinking

Your Curious Preschooler_ Top Books and Activities to Enhance Creative Thinking

A popular philosopher once said that a child’s mind is a not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. That could be the reason why your preschooler never runs out of questions; loves exploring his surroundings; and finds the time to keep his little hands busy with new craft projects. Children are indeed gifted with a curious mind, and as parents, we are responsible to keep the brain fire burning until it is satisfied. Mental development, although unique per child, is an important determiner of their future.

NBS partners with parents nationwide in order to bring out the best in their children through the love of learning and reading.

Here are 5 Recommended Preschool Books and Activities to Enhance Creative Thinking


1) Learning to Write First Class: For Ages 4-5

Beginning to write may not come naturally for children, and some find it boring. Here’s a good tool to perk up your little one to practise writing: Learning to Write First Class from the I Love to Learn Series. Your child will not only trace letters, but be stimulated by colourful illustrations. Add to that is the fun of playing around with 250 stickers!

Learning To Write First Class Age 4 To 5
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From the book: Learning to Write shows children how to form the letters of the alphabet. The activities focus primarily on lower case letters, but also introduce the formation of capital letters. Children are encouraged to practise tracing and also writing the letters on their own using carefully selected vocabulary and stimulating illustrations.


2) Elisa Explores the Garden

If your preschooler has an insatiable thirst about animals, plants, and nature in general – then this book is perfect! Take her on a reading journey with: Elisa Explores the Garden. The story tells of a young girl named Elisa who explores her grandma’s garden and discovers so many cute animals and beautiful plants! Written by Vicky Veloso Barrera, who is a teacher, and a kitchen aficionado. She maintains her Tiny Kitchen blog online.

Elisa Explores the Garden
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3) Dress Up Princess Jade

Little girls will have fun and spend lots of creative time mix matching doll outfits with this Dress Us Princess activity book. It contains large press-out dolls, which they can make into princesses by swapping dresses and accessories. Mom, if you need to keep them busy when you’re doing important work, or just to kill time during long rides – this book will be very handy!

Dress Up Princess Jade Princess
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4) The Boy with the Book

Level up the curiosity of your kid as he discovers the young Jose Rizal, our national hero. The author describes the young Rizal as: He wore weird clothes. His hair was parted on one side and he was holding a book.”I am Pepe from Laguna,” he said…”

Boy with the Book by Lina B. Diaz de Rivera
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Inspire your child to follow the storyline. Spark creativity by asking him or her what would happen next as the protagonist, Vi, met a strange boy with the book at the breakwater of her ninang’s beach house!


5) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A two-dimensional book that tells the story of a Very Hungry Caterpillar! Enhance your child’s imagination by letting him compose the scenes in the story using fun and reusable vinyl stickers! This book is a great way for you to bond with your child as you help him develop his communication and thinking skills.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Make A Scene
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There is no exact formula to bring about creativity in children. Although they are naturally curious and eager, it adds wonderful memories if you, as a parent, takes an active role in sparking the fire within.

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