Crazy Rich Asians: A Book Review


It’s not what you think!

When you first heard or read the title, you would think that the story is just some sort of vivid descriptions of Asian qualities and characteristics. But no, reading this beautiful masterpiece is like getting a breath of fresh air from this era of dystopian stories. This is what every reader needs after being consumed of reading typical young-adult novels. It’s like finally tasting a chocolate after eating a bitter and sometimes bland food.

The book is as bewitching as the characters and the settings they are in. When we think of the words lavish, rich, and glamorous, we often associate them with being excessive. But this book gave a full new meaning to these words. Aside from the colorful universe of the crazy rich, what I like more about this book is the uniqueness of each character. Each character’s personality is very well-described in every part of the book. I had the constant love and hate relationship with some of the characters – (I’m talking about Eleanor here).

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Meanwhile, Kwan is the genius one. He was able to introduce each character while keeping up with the pace of the whole story. The character-inspired chapters are a smart narration that gives you an idea who the character is and at the same time give you a gist of the whole story.

Nonetheless, the narration was beyond impressive and clear as if watching a Singaporean TV show or Korean Drama in American HD. Kwan knows how to use the right words to describe the crazy world of these influencers.

I could say that the book is an ultimate page turner. No dull moments. Good story and lovable characters. You’ve been warned.This book is one of the best and most entertaining books I’ve ever read. And I won’t probably hesitate to read it again anytime. If i were to go inside a library full of beautiful novels, I would still pick this one. This will go to my all-time favorite books.

All in all, if you want to read something fresh, rejuvenating, and out of the box, then you have all the reasons to give this book a shot.

Rating: Definitely 5 over 5. I see no reason why this book won’t get a perfect score.


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