A Conversation with Sarah Thornton


Renowned writer and art sociologist Dr. Sarah Thornton will share her insights about the globalised art world, her observations on meaningful artistic practice today, and why art still matters.

After decades studying art ecology — including spending time with hundreds of world-class and internationally renowned artists — she will talk about her research and her books with art critic and Asia Art Archive head of development Alexandra A Seno.

The talk will be held on February 17, 2017, 5 pm at the Link Carpark Roofdeck, Ayala Center, Makati. Afterwards, there will be a book signing at the National Book Store pop-up store located at Level 6 of the Link Carpark.

About her books

Dr. Thornton authored international bestsellers Seven Days in the Art World and 33 Artists in Three Acts.

Seven Days in the Art World is a series of beautifully paced narratives where Thornton investigates the drama of a Christie’s auction, the workings in Takashi Murakami’s studios, the elite at the Basel Art Fair, life in a notorious art-school seminar, and the wonderland of the Venice Biennale. It’s a judicious and juicy account of the institutions that have the power to shape art history where Thornton’s entertaining ethnography will change the way you look at contemporary culture. You can get it for P795 or order here.

Meanwhile, 33 Artists in Three Acts explores what it means to be a real artist in the real world. The three “acts” — politics, kinship, and craft — delve into artists’ psyches, personas, politics, and social networks. Looking upon their crises and triumphs, Thornton attempts to answer a simple but surprisingly complex question: “what is an artist?” You can get it for P765, or P1,295 in hardcover.  You can also order online here.

About Art Fair Philippines

This talk is part of Art Fair Philippines, a premier platform for exhibiting and selling the best in modern and contemporary Philippine visual art. It aims to mirror the vibrant local art scene and continue to generate support for Filipino art practitioners. It strives to make art accessible to enthusiasts and to those who want to discover one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting art landscapes.

You will need to pay P250 for the ticket needed to access the exhibit grounds and attend the talk and book signing. Keep in mind that this ticket is exclusive from the book price.

You can also reserve your seats by sending an e-mail to [email protected] at least two days before the event and see the complete schedule of talks here. For the book signing mechanics, check out this guide here.

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