College Woes: What It Feels Like Studying Far From Home


Studying away from home is a big milestone towards being independent. When it’s finally time to enter college, you will be forced to learn how to live on your own without much of your parents’ presence. Yes, it will be tough for the first few months, but once you get the hang of it, you will eventually learn a lot of life lessons.

1.The value of money

College life has taught us to make ourselves survive within a certain budget. There are days when you have to cut out fancy restos and expensive fast food. It won’t hurt to skip coffee dates or milk tea fix every once in a while. Annnnnd, siomai rice will do!

2. Proper time management

When you are in college, you are on your own especially in terms of your schedule. You are in control of your own time table. While it could more freedom, it could also be a challenge on your part. It is very important to discipline yourself to accomplish errands within your set schedule. Your success in university life will depend on your time management skills.

3. ACTUALLY taking care of yourself

Studying far away from home will teach you to ~actually~ take care of yourself every day. This includes doing your own laundry, cooking your own meals, prepping up your uniforms, doing your groceries, and the like all while juggling with school works. If you have been living with your parents for such a long time, this part may take some time to master.

4. Build connections

If you are about to study college in the city, you should be aware by now that it is going to be a vast world you are entering. You will meet different people of a different race, values, and priorities in life. Your parents will no longer be there to socialize for you. You will eventually get the hang of socializing with people and collaborating with them.

5. Vigilance

Numerous crimes usually happen in big cities around the universities. Never lose sight of your belongings even if you feel like the area is safe enough. No streets in the city, particularly in Manila, will be 100% safe if you take less care of your personal valuables. As much as possible, do not walk alone at night or in places that you are not familiar with. It is also best to bring pepper spray everywhere you go.

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