The College Freshie Survival Guide by National Book Store

The College Freshie Survival Guide by National Book Store

The College Freshie Survival Guide by National Book Store

Heads up, freshmen! Entering college might be overwhelming as it needs a bunch of preparation. For some, being a newbie inside the university may seem to be a green-eyed monster. Fret no more! We took the courage to tell you how it is like being a college student. Here’s to a fun-filled semester ahead!

The Ultimate College Freshie Survival Guide


1. Make use of technology

use technology in college

Now that our generation is filled with tech-savvy natives, it is no surprise that the internet is already a necessity. Make use of your smartphones and laptops to track your class schedules (there are lots free schedule makers in the net) and submit your outputs. We’re pretty sure that most universities now have a student portal that serves as an online classroom while maintaining interactive learning. Use this as your advantage to communicate more with your professors and blockmates.


2. Work everything on a budget

work on a budget in college

Most college students study far away from home. Some even study abroad. Thus, making dorm life a challenging one. When your parents finally let you live on your own, you will learn the value of time and money. Handling your own money and time while taking care of yourself is the real deal here. The key is to set an enough budget for a week. It also pays to have an expense tracker and a good planner to see where all your money is going and your errands for the whole week.


3. Pack lightly

pack light in college

And pack smart. Take away all the unnecessary stuff in your everyday school bag (e.g. tons of receipts from last week, pieces of crumpled paper, and used plastic bottles). Being in college means being expected to be always ready. Get yourself some of the most common essentials like tissue paper, wet wipes, sanitizer, power bank, bottled water, breath mints, and the like. You’ll thank yourself in the future.

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4. Practice delayed gratification

delayed gratification shopping in college

Always. Being in college is always almost synonymous as to having freedom. But be wise though, as this much awaited freedom may took toll on you if not controlled. It’s not bad to say no to a night out, especially if you have exams for the coming week. It’s okay to let a date pass if you have tons of papers on due. Remember that your acads is your top priority and all these celebrations come next. Party hard but party responsibly!


5. Always be on-the-go

Senior HS to College
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