College Essentials (that ONE list you need)

College Essentials (that ONE list you need)

Entering college is one big leap of faith. One can never be 100% ready to enter university life and that is completely okay. If there is one common mistake for college students, it would probably be overspending on unnecessary stuff for school. Do not be fooled twice by the same mistake! Below is a list of the ONLY essentials that you will be using throughout your stay in the academe.

The Ultimate College Essentials List

1. College will teach you to spend every minute of your time wisely. During hell weeks, you barely got time to sleep, eat, and even drink water. Stay nourished and hydrated even in the toughest times, kids! The key is to really invest in a reliable and handy tumbler that you can bring with you anywhere.

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2. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need a fancy bag to flaunt with inside the university. After all, college isn’t a fashion runway where everybody is expected to do a catwalk with their own unique styles. You can love fashion and still be practical by choosing to spend your money on a durable and versatile bag rather than to a signature brand that’s only fit for some special occasions. (oops)

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3. Effective strategies in studying and note-taking are equally important fundamental skills to hone during your college years. The oldie but goodie technique most students still practice is using highlighters of different colors. Designate each color to a specific purpose. Say, orange is for highlighting important names and green is for special dates. This way, it will be much easier for you to understand certain concepts all in one study sesh.

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4. We could not stress enough how important it is to bring a hygiene kit wherever you are. Whether you are traveling or simply going to school, it is always best to make your emergency and hygiene kit a staple in your bag.

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5. Trust us when we say that your earphones will be your best bud for years. Jamming to your music amidst the stress, traffic, and wee hours of the day will help you bring back your sanity and inner peace especially if you are studying in a busy city.

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6. Since you’re dealing with almost eight subjects in a single semester, it would be bulky for you to bring an individual notebook for each subject that your currently enrolled in. Well, it is not a secret to buy a thicker notebook that would serve its purpose for almost all of your subjects. In this way, you also save yourself from the risk of forgetting your notes during a surprise exam.

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