Check out these 5 Christmas Decors to Bring the Holiday Cheers in your Home

Check out these 5 Christmas Decors to Bring the Holiday Cheers in your Home

Check out these 5 Christmas Decors to Bring the Holiday Cheers in your Home

Homes are beginning to up their trees and sparkle with Christmas lights. And why not? It’s the merriest season of all! However, with decors and gifts come rising expenses. National Book Store is happy to say – that doesn’t have to be the case!

See National Book Store’s Christmas Shopping Guide.

Today we give you 5 Christmas decors to bring the holiday cheers at home – without the hefty price tag!


DIY Mason Jars as Christmas Lamps

DIY Mason Jars Christmas Decors

Mason jars have become a hit for years. You might have collected several in your pantry already. Why not grab some of them and turn it into Christmas lamps? One just needs to stick a silhouette holiday design, and paint the inside of the jar. Finish off with a candle inside for a warm Christmassy luminance.


Christmas Trees on Sale!

Christmas Trees Sale at National Book Store

National Book Store offers Christmas trees of varying sizes on sale. You can pick a color of choice: white, green, blue, etc. We all know the home is not complete without a Christmas tree during the holidays.


A Variety of Christmas Ornaments for your Tree

Christmas Ornaments National Book Store

Complete your tree with a variety of ornaments from National Book Store. They come in different styles, colors, and sizes. Whatever theme you pick this Christmas, we’re sure there is a fitting decor for your home. Lots of these are sold below P100.


Stuffed Gingerbread Dolls

Gingerbread Christmas Decors National Book Store

Aren’t these the cutest? They instantly radiate warmth to any home! Get these huggable creatures from the shelves of National Book Store.


DIY Christmas Balls

DIY Christmas Balls NBS

No need to spend a fortune on glamorous Christmas balls! You can simply wrap old paper, form into a ball, and hold it with a nice Christmas-themed cloth. To top it off, add some ornament you can DIY or those excess decors you’ve kept the past holidays.


The holiday season seemed to be getting more commercialized as some people see it. The truth is, it can be painful in the pocket if we choose it to be. But with creativity and resourcefulness, one can bring holiday cheers to any home without breaking the bank. We hope that you have a merry Christmas filled with positivity and love!

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