Chat with the Viber Sticker Pack by NBS


One way of surviving school is by having a great support system, family and friends you can talk to about anything and everything. Chatting with them gets much better with the National Book Store sticker pack, available for free on Viber!

With 32 awesome stickers to choose from, you can express exactly what you’re feeling! Remind your friends to ‘Study pa more!’, or let them know you’re ‘So excited!’ for the weekend!

There are expressions for special occasions and everyday conversations too! Greet them a ‘Good morning’, let them know their idea’s ‘Awesome!’, or show some support with ‘Let’s do this!’.

Downloading the free sticker pack also signs you up for the NBS Public Chat, where you can get the latest on promos and events from us!

So what are you waiting for? Download the free NBS sticker pack today and joint the NBS Public Chat! Fun conversations and endless discoveries await, because with National Book Store, you can’t help but feel excited!

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