Bring Your Artistic Side to the Next Level with Derwent and Pebeo

Derwent Watercolor Pencils National Book Store

Have you ever considered unleashing the artist within you? We are all innate artists in different ways. Derwent and Pebeo both make us want to explore more of our artistic sides with their promising art materials. Take this as a way to reminisce your inner artistic self!

1. It is a basic rule to always start with the basics. Using markers is actually a great head start to play with colors, especially the primary ones. This will give you a heads up to the perfect mix and match of shades and hues that you want to achieve.

Pebeo Markers National Book Store

2. A watercolor painting might be overwhelming at first glance. But once you get the hang of it, everything will follow. Just remember which shade matches which!

Pebeo Watercolors National Book Store

To make it less ‘frightening’, you can start by these primary colors:

Pebeo Primary Colors Water Colors National Book Store

3. Art is dynamic indeed. The way it changes greatly adapts to the generation that we live in. Hence, art is something that cannot be contained in a fixated medium only. Innovations like these watercolor pencils make it so much easier for the artist to play with his colors and works. It is both a practice on proper shading using color pencils and good blending when mixed with water.

Derwent Watercolor Pencils

Derwent and Pebeo have been the most reliable brands recommended by artists who were once aspirants like most of us. If they believed that they can, so should you!

Grab any of these Derwent and Pebeo art materials from NBS Online or from any National Book Store branch near you.

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