Book Feature: 3 Bliss Books for Fiction Lovers


Fiction lovers certainly know which books are worth raving. And because NBS is a safe haven for blissful books and beyond, we made a top 3 Bliss books from the famous Wattpad series for our dear fiction lovers!

1.The Boyfriend App

The Boyfriend App
The Boyfriend App ₱249.00 | FREE shipping and COD option

Weeks before Valentine’s, seventeen-year-old Kate Lapuz goes through her first-ever breakup. But soon she stumbles upon a mysterious new app called My Dream Boyfriend, a chatbot that has the ability to understand human feelings, everything in her life has changed. Casually, she participates in the app’s trial run but finds herself immersed in the empathic conversations with her customizable virtual boyfriend, Ecto. In a society both connected and alienated by technology, Kate suspects an actual secret admirer is behind Ecto. Could it be the work of the techie student council president Dion or has Kate really found her soulmate in bits of computer code? She decides to get to the bottom of the cutting-edge app. Her search for Ecto’s real identity leads Kate to prom, where absolute knowledge comes at a very steep price.

2. Hot Bachelors Series: A Dare To Prepare

Hot Bachelors Series: A Dare To Prepare
Hot Bachelors Series: A Dare To Prepare ₱249.00 | FREE shipping and COD option

One of the most talked-about series that originated on Wattpad, Hot Bachelors Series: A Dare To Prepare is not one of your typical Wattpad series. It talks about a geek trying not to fall into the traps and mind games of an athlete in their school. Their story started with a simple dare in their university. Will this geek ever survive this game or would she give it a chance?

3. Casa Inferno

Casa Inferno
Casa Inferno ₱249.00 | FREE shipping and COD option

Meet Ember Fereira, a student who hasn’t had the best luck in life. Her always-busy boyfriend, Green, asked her to look after his grandparents in Casa Castellano—a mansion located in a remote province. She agreed because she can never say no to Green since he has given her so much. Little did she know, she’s about to experience the most terrifying moment of her life in the two weeks that she will spend there.

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