Your Best Lunch Bag and Baonserye for SY 2018-2019

Baonserye 10 Kid-Friendly Budget Lunch and Snack Ideas for School Kids

10 Lunch and Snack Ideas for School Kids: Baonserye Edition

Hey there, mommies! We’re pretty sure you already got your list of baon for your tots now that it’s back to school season once again. But of course, there comes a time when kids no longer has the appetite for the usual staple baon. Below are some tips on how to up your ‘baonserye’ game!

*Special thanks to the contributors of the Baonserye’ Facebook group.

1) Start with a good lunch bag. Having a well-prepared lunch could go to waste if not kept in a good quality lunch bag. Choose the one that’s leak-proof and insulated to make sure that your child’s baon stays warm until lunch time.

Crocodile Creek Lunch Bag is the perfect choice for mommies who are always in a morning rush (who isn’t?!)

Crocodile Creek Lunch Bag
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2) During school hours, kids can get very busy with their school works and physical activities as well. While it could be very hot and crowded at school, keep the kiddos hydrated all the time. Solve it best with a water bottle that’s leak proof and play-proof.

Bando Water Bottle is great choice when it comes to your child’s water bottle. It’s highly durable and leak-proof.

Bando Water Bottle
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3) Inspired from the viral “baonserye” facebook group, this bunch of goodies is a must try when you want to reheat yesterday’s’ meal paired with a simple homemade dessert.

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 3

4) For moms who are still having a hard time in training their child to eat veggies, take it from this  awesome mom. Do not go on full blast with a vegetable meal right away. But instead, begin by mixing it with chicken or pork just like this packed lunch of  pork sisig, scrambled egg, and spinach fried rice.

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 4

5) And here’s for the ever busy mom who barely got time to prepare fancy baons for the kids. No worries! There are goodies out there that are as healthy as homemade one’s, just make sure it is baked not fried.

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 5

6) Some kids prefer light snacks rather than heavy meals. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they still get enough amount of carbohydrates needed for school. Here’s a perfect example of a hearty yet simple snack!

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 6

7) We cannot deny that kids go through a stage of being picky eaters; and we all dread that. If your kiddo falls under this category, you can teach him to love eating and appreciate food by decorating his food. You can play with smiley faces using ketchup, or sliced fruits to form a wacky face.

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 7


8) And when you are that “EXTRAAA” mom, try playing with animal shapes and googly eyes…

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 8

9) For bigger kids who are avid fans of fast food chains, cheeseburgers for baon isn’t bad at all! Opt for a healthier version by adding lettuce to their all time favorite burger patty.

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 9

Back-to-school Baon Tip:  If you will be whipping up your own patties, it’s ideal to separate each burger patty with parchment paper for easier thawing. The night before, bring down the patties from the freezer then into the refrigerator for faster thawing the following morning. Stash patties (or any breaded meat) inside a ziplock bag to conserve freezer space. See example below:

Stack patties in parchment paper then freeze
image credit:

10) Make sure that your child’s baon contains protein every day to keep her bone healthier and immune system stronger. Too much of an effort is not needed, you can simply boil an egg or cook some noodles and you’re good to go!

Baonserye Kids Lunch and Snack Ideas for back to school 10

There you have it, mommies! Are you ready for back to school 2017-2018 Baonserye edition? We hope that with these school lunch and snack ideas, your grade schoolers will be more than willing to finish their baon everyday. If you need help finding an everyday cookbook for busy moms, or a recipe book just for lunch boxes, simply tell us in the comments below!

Meals In Minutes Book 1 by Chef Gino Gonzales
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