The Best #Hugot Lines for the Singles Awareness Month

The Best #Hugot Lines for the Singles Awareness Month
The Best #Hugot Lines for the Singles Awareness Month

The Best #Hugot Lines for the Singles Awareness Month

If you’re one of those people who seem to forcefully erase the month of February in their calendars, then we’re sure you are probably feeling some kind of annoyance around this time since it is Valentine’s month once again. No worries! If you are already fed up seeing cheesy (sometimes cringey?) couples everywhere during February 14, spare yourself from such by spending a good laugh or two with these Hugot Lines you’ve probably tweeted or shared on Social Media.

Special credit to the designpirateph for these heartstring-tugging-but-funny photos 🙂


#1 When you’re tired of seeing couples dating everywhere. What’s worse is, they’re ACTUALLY blocking your way…

Wag Ka Mag Alala Malapit na Kayo Mag Break


#2 ‘Coz every weekend is #BedWeather

Every Weekend is Bed Weather


#3 How many times will you still buy rice cookers or ceramic plates for your newly wed friends?!

always the abay never the bride


#4 When all else fails, self love wins the game! Plus, don’t forget your redeeming qualities. Hehe (wink, wink)

ganda mo teh


#5 Well, we’re all too familiar with this famous Jollibee commercial. Who knows we could use this meme to ditch the cheater who’s trying to fool you?

forever mo mukha mo


#6 When your ex is trying to play games again…ooops…

Bumalik Pa Ang Kapal


#7 Woops! Take it easy, don’t forget to guard your heart and when there’s no label yet!

Di pa nga kayo umiiyak ka na


These are just some of the most laughed Hugot lines that we found on the Internet. But since this month is EXTRAAA timely for such, we thought we just found the best and the most suitable Hugot  line for all the single men and women out there….

Lilipas din ang Pebrero

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