What You Need to Know Before Watching Every Day


One of the most highly-anticipated films for 2018 is Every Day, a romantic drama starring Angourie Rice.

Here are 3 things you need to know before watching it:

1. It’s based on David Levithan’s bestselling novel of the same name.

Released in August 2012, Every Day is a young adult romance and fantasy novel. It follows A, a spirit or entity who wakes up each day occupying a different person’s body, able to retain their memories and also tap into the memories of the host they’re occupying.

A has gotten used to this daily change, until he wakes up in the body of a teenage boy, Justin, and meets his girlfriend Rhiannon – a girl with whom A has an instant, powerful connection. 

2. It’s got a prequel, a companion novel, and a sequel, too!

A prequel novella, Six Earlier Days, was released in November 2012. It features another day in A’s unique and complicated life. Meanwhile, Another Day retells the story of Every Day, but from Rhiannon’s point of view as she discovers love and its power to change people.

Just recently, Levithan announced the long-awaited sequel to the first book. Someday, set to be released in October 2018, takes us further into the lives of A and Rhiannon. You can sign up for the wait list here to be notified of price and availability.

3. You can get the books from NBS today!

The movie tie-in’s available for P489, and you can order a copy here. You can also grab a copy of Every Day in the original cover for P349, and Another Day for P435.

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