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Summer seems so near, yet so far away. Be inspired to keep doing your best in school or at work with a new treat: Pilot‘s excellent range of writing instruments! Let’s check out some of their items today: the Acro 300 and Acro 1000 ballpoint pens, the FriXion erasable pens, and the FriXion erasable pastel highlighters. The Acro 300 ballpoint pens let you write with the fluidity and ease of a liquid ink rollerball, while giving you the fast-drying and long-lasting qualities of a ballpoint pen. Meanwhile, the Acro 1000 pens have a more premium look and feel thanks to a metal grip and elegant finishes, like Champagne Gold, Metallic Red, Metallic Soft Blue, Metallic Grey, Navy, and Black. The Frixion 3-in-1 pens combine three colorful inks in a single compact and ergonomic barrel. There’ll be no worries when writing with these pens, because you can easily erase and write over any mistakes!
It’s not just pens that can have erasable inks, though. The Frixionpastel highlighters are perfect for those times when you accidentally highlight the wrong word, or over-highlight a chapter and want to un-highlight certain sections. Use the “eraser” at the top of the highlighter and the ink disappears cleanly, with no eraser shavings.

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