Be More Productive and Organized this 2019 with These Organizers and Diaries

Ceres Academy Notes

National Book Store is one with you in making 2019 the year of the better, if not the best, in school or at work! Being your best means being the most productive you can be, whether you’re in school or at work.

Choose from an array of planners, calendars, diaries, and journals from Ceres, and get started.

Academy Notes

Ceres Academy Notebooks

Now you are sure that all your notes are in one place with these pastel-colored Ceres Academy Notebooks. Featuring a protective cover (not to mention, stylish!) with a button to secure notepads and pens inside it. Paper quality is premium for faster, and smoother hand writing.

Business Diary

Take time to write down your tasks, plan your goals, and organize your daily schedule. The minimalist yet elegant design also makes it look great on your desk or even in your meetings.

Campus Acrylic Ring Notes

Ceres Campus Acryl Ring Notes

If you’re feeling more artsy and on the groove, check out these Ceres Campus Acrylic Ring Notebooks! These are sure to brighten up your day and put you in the mood any time. It also has colorful, distinctive tabs to help you mark your subjects or note categories.

Campus Mates

Ceres Campus Mates

Perfect for the more serious college student, professor, or working professional. These Ceres Campus Mates Diaries help you keep track of schedules, tasks, and important notes. It doubles as a calendar, and journal rolled into one. They come in blue to purple tones for a more subdued, yet unique look.

Card Holder

Ceres Card Holder

No more lost cards for you when you get the highly useful Ceres Card Holder. All your contacts are in one place, including personal cards like ATM, credit card, discount cards, and IDs. Each Ceres Card Holder is made of protective plastic shield and waterproof cover to secure your important cards.


Ceres Clipboards

If you’re more of a clipboards person who likes to constantly carry his or her to-do list, then these Ceres Clipboards are your best friend! Made from quality materials, it can secure all your notes, lists, and reminders. Great for everyday work and study.

ID Card Holder

Ceres ID Holder

Have fun with these fun and colorful Ceres ID holders! Made from sturdy and waterproof plastic covering, it protects your ID from wear and tear. You are sure not to lose yet another ID when you partner it with a lanyard.

Ceres ID Holder with Lanyard

You are on your way to a more organized and productive year with Coronet Ceres products. Whether you use them for school or work, they won’t let you down because of high quality materials and workmanship. Get them all from National Book Store branches nearest you.

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