Back to School Season: What To Score For Early Shopping

Back to School Shopping National Book Store Online 2019

The early bird always gets the worm. The same goes with early back to school shopping. The earlier you shop, the more choices and better picks you get. We’ve made a list of the best supplies to score for your early shopping!

1. Good pair of scissors

Pho Best Buy Kiddie Scissors
Pho Best Buy Kiddie Scissors ₱12 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

We all know that a pair of scissors will remain essential from preschool up to college. This has been every student’s staple tool and you might want to grab it while supplies last.

2. A durable sharpener

Faber Castell One-hole Sharpener
Faber Castell One-hole Sharpener ₱47 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

There are a lot of variations in store when it comes to sharpeners. However, many of those are prone to losing. This one-hole sharpener from Faber Castell will save you from the hassle when you need to sharpen those pencils in the middle of an exam!

3. A mess-free glue stick

Elmer's Glue Stick 6grm All Purpose
Elmer’s Glue Stick 6grm All Purpose ₱26 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Who hates the icky-sticky feeling of a glue? We all do! Elmer’s Glue just made our lives easier with their mess-free glue stick. It comes with a handy packaging and resealable cap to make it easy for you to use and clean up afterward.

4. Dust-free eraser

Faber Castell Rubber Eraser
Faber Castell Rubber Eraser ₱23 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Gone are the days when you have to pick all the bags of dust you made from using your eraser. Faber Castell knows the struggle of every art student who worries about making too much mess with his work. Now you can fearlessly draw your ideas without the fear of messing up!

5. File case organizer

Adventurer File Case
Adventurer File Case ₱208 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Expect to be having tons and tons of papers come school season again. You don’t want your papers to be scattered around every corner of your room so it’s best to have a file organizer to do the work for you.

6. Set of pencils

Mongol Pencil With Eraser
Mongol Pencil With Eraser ₱94.75 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Several exams are ahead of you once the semester officially starts. Most of your professors and proctors will require you to use pencils in answering the exams. Be prepared ahead of time by investing in a good quality set of pencils throughout the school year.

7. Fillers

Cattleya Binder Refill
Cattleya Binder Refill ₱59.75 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Many of us want to save space in our school bags. We want to get rid of our bulky notebooks so we just opt to use a binder. While binders may be a practical choice, it is also best to stock on fillers before we run out of pages.

8. Durable binder

Cattleya Binder Notebook
Cattleya Binder Notebook ₱244.75 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Speaking of binders, many students can prove how investing in a durable binder will go a long way in your school journey. Trust us, you don’t need to have another notebook for the next semester and so on. A good binder will always save you from spending too much and losing your notes too!

9. Brown envelopes

Best Buy Brown Envelope
Best Buy Brown Envelope ₱83.75 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

A lot of schools may require several documents, especially during enrollment season. Safely keep your important docs by securing them in a brown envelope to prevent losing or damaging your original copies.

10. Sticky notes

Post-it Sticky Note
Post-it Sticky Note ₱234.75 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

We can’t miss out on a single reminder or leave a task unfinished. Sticky notes never fail to do its job of reminding us of the important errands we need to accomplish throughout the day. It is very convenient to use when you just want to post in the wall of your room, in your dresser, or even in your fridge. There are a lot of sticky notes available out there and the possibilities are just countless!

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