Back to School Must Haves from Staedtler

Pens and pencils are the most basic school supply you need. Staedtler is renowned for their amazing quality, so let’s check out some of their must-have items!

Mars Lumograph pencils

These pencils are unbelievably break-resistant, thanks to their special lead formulation. Its wood comes from sustainably managed forests and its premium quality is great for writing, drawing, sketching, and more.

Mars Lumograph erasers

Age-resistant and latex free, these offer minimal crumbling and no discoloration on the paper. Definitely first-class erasing performance!

Triplus Fineliner pens

These awesome pens are sleek and stylish. Available in a wide range of colors, their metal tips allow for precise writing and drawing too. Learn more about them here.

Which of these Staedtler items are you going to be adding to your school bags? With National Book Store, you can’t help but feel excited!

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