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Back to School Checklist 2019 for Every Grade Level

It’s back-to-school season again! Moms are lining up in their kid’s school registrar’s office to secure enrollment forms and get the list of school supplies to buy. If you want to have an easier and more convenient shopping experience, go ahead and download this school supplies checklist for every grade level – from elementary to college!

Here’s what the Checklist offers:

Grade school students typically have more requirements as they are beginning to learn the fundamentals of many subjects. Everything from essentials, like notebooks and pens, to useful extras, like rain coats and hair accessories, are listed here.

Grade School Back to School Checklist

Budget Tip: Our Grab-and-Go packs contain school essentials in a single, convenient bundle with a lower price.

Grab and Go Packs and Bundles National Book Store

Budget Tip: Buy in bulk so you have supplies for the whole year. This saves you time and money. Go for Best Buy items – NBS’ house brand which offers good quality items at affordable prices.Best Buy Products National Book Store

High school is a time when students are introduced to more technical knowledge and specialized skills. Thus, high school students are required to bring more advanced school materials.

High School Back to School Checklist

Budget Tip: Be sure to head to the Green Area of the Back to School Zone, which represents value for money. This area offers affordable items for every level.

Back to School Zone - Green - Value for Money

In college, students are considered independent learners, hence they have more flexibility in deciding what school supplies they need. For the basics, check out this list. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies in your dorm room or study area!

College Back to School Checklist

Start shopping online for more convenience and discount perks like FREE delivery and COD option.

NBS Back to School Checklist

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